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Weekly round up of the latest cryptocurrency news. Stay up to date and informed on latest bitcoin, ethereum and altcoin rumours and news from the week. A good trader is an informed trader and an informed trader listens to Crypto Weekly. Dangerously close to educational. ETH tips go here:Read more

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Ep. 117 | KuCoin HACKED, JP Morgan price spoofing, Coinbase anti politics and Michael Saylor buying Bitcoin

Oct 20 • 46:22

Honestly, this was recorded quite some time ago so I can't quite remember what we spoke about BUT, here goes:...

Ep. 116 | HEX the new BitConnect? Augur V2, Teenage Bitcoin scammer and Ethereum 2 around the corner!

Aug 13 • 47:10

This week in the news:...

Ep. 115 | Twitter Bitcoin Scam, Chainlink pumping, Coinbase IPO and Yield farming

Jul 24 • 50:17


Ep. 113 | Reddit ERC20s, Bitcoin hashrate futures, Monero ransom and another Ponzi scheme on Ethereum

May 20 • 01:07:32

Ep. 112 | ETH fixed rate lending, Zoom buy keybase, Bitcoin halvening and hedge fund Bitcoin purchase

May 11 • 01:19:26

Ep. 111 | Binance support Hive, a16z $515 million VC fund, Telegram refund and BSN deep dive

May 4 • 01:27:02

Ep. 110 | Argentinian Bitcoin demand, Coinbase price oracle, Gnosis Corona gambling and negative oil prices

Apr 28 • 01:13:46

Ep. 109 | Libra nonsense, Maker in hot water, Blockchain breaking lockdown and more!

Apr 21 • 01:35:49

Ep. 108 | Crypto Weekly Corona Lockdown Livestream - David Icke Edition

Apr 16 • 01:44:48

Re upload of our Livestream. This week we get a bit David Ickey....

Ep. 107 | Crypto Weekly Corona Lockdown Livestream

Apr 13 • 01:53:08

Re upload of our Livestream....

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