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Crypto Marketing with Ty Smith | A Coinbound Podcast


Digital marketing in the age of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Hosted by the fastest-growing blockchain marketing agency, Coinbound. Learn top marketing tips and tools daily in this very binge-able podcast. Follow Ty Smith on Twitter:

Popular episodes

NYC NFT: Breaking Down Top NFT Marketing Trends | Ep. 48

Dec 1 • 17:15

Ty, Jared, and Liz are re-living the NFT.NYC annual event that occurred in Times Square, New York. Jared and Ty of the Coinbound team share their memorable experiences that include: Teslas, crypto advertisements in billboards, marketing strategies, impeccable music, and a whole lot more. In this episode, let’s join the team as they discuss the rise of out-of-home marketing...

NFT Influencer Marketing 101 | Ep. 47

Nov 14 • 17:20

Influencer marketing is a kind of marketing that is more authentic and reaches out to a wider audience than traditional advertising.  With an influencer at the helm of your product launch, you have a chance to bring in a ton of new viewers and expand your reach so you can get your business going at a much faster rate....

How to Set Up an NFT Discord Server | Top Channels and Bots for 2021 | Ep. 46

Nov 4 • 10:14

How are you using social media to engage your community?...

Getting Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers! | Ep. 45

Sep 30 • 24:17

In this episode, Coinbound Founder Ty Smith and Social Media Director Liz Whiting discuss the best tips, tricks, strategies, and hacks to get your first 1,000 followers on Twitter. ...

[Urgent!] Clickbait in Crypto Marketing | Ep. 44

Aug 24 • 23:50

How 3X'd Their Users: An Interview with Marie Tatibouet | Ep. 43

Aug 12 • 38:01

In this exclusive interview, Ty Smith interviews CMO, Marie Tatibouet. Marie recently lead a nearly 3X growth of, a cryptocurrency exchange, by users in less than a year. Ty asks important questions about how to do crypto marketing for an exchange, how to get listed on, and more.   ...

Crypto Instagram Marketing [Everything You Need to Know] | Ep. 42

Jul 29 • 14:03

Wondering how important Instagram is for marketing cryptocurrency brands? How should Instagram be prioritized as a strategy for your marketing plans? In this episode, Ty Smith & Liz Whiting of Coinbound, break down everything you need to know about crypto marketing for Instagram, How to leverage Instagram effectively, and how it stacks up against other marketing strategies.  ...

How to Build Trust in Crypto | Ep. 41

Jul 20 • 18:13

Ever wondered how you could build a more trusted brand in the cryptocurrency industry? How does trust play a role in the success of products and services in blockchain?  In this episode, Ty and Liz discuss why having a trustworthy brand is so important in crypto marketing and top tips to gain the trust of your users.  ...

Crypto Twitter: How Frequently You Should Tweet & Quality vs Quantity | Ep. 40

Jun 29 • 12:14

Marketing in a Crypto Bear Market: How & Why It's Important | Ep. 39

Jun 24 • 10:14

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