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Welcome to the official Crunchyroll Podcast, CrunchyCast! Each week, we'll be bringing you the hottest news and perspectives on the world of anime. Join hosts Evan and Victoria as they delve into the best programming the web has to offer, explore pressing questions, and interview the animeRead more

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Crunchycast Ep. 78 -Biking, Sadness, Creepy Questions

Apr 29 • 26:26

On this week's Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) is joined by Vernon Shaw (@vernonshaw) of Hot Pepper Gaming and Game Grumps....

Crunchycast Ep. 77 - Kemono Friends, Souwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Tanya the Evil

Apr 8 • 24:41

On this week's Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) and Miles (@MilesExpress999) are joined by a very special guest, Crunchyroll's Brazilian community manager Gabriela Almeida (@shermie_cos)!...

Crunchycast Ep. 76 - Tokyo Trip, Learning Japanese, Bloomingdales is Lit

Apr 1 • 28:53

On this week's crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) is joined by Reina Scully (@ReinaScully) and Harmony Bartlett (@harharharmony) where they discuss getting ready for a trip to Japan and how tips on learning Japanese. Also Harmony's ability to give good advice!...

Crunchycast Ep. 75 - Breath of the Wild, Anime Cons, Kemono Friends

Mar 25 • 28:19

This week on Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) is joined again by our very own Miles (@milesexpress999) and Harmony (@harharharmony) and they discuss some video games and some anime and panels (that already happened sorry! we recorded this one before Victoria went off to Japan)...

Crunchycast Ep. 74 - Waypoint, GDC, Naruto

Mar 11 • 24:31

This week on Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) is joined by her old pal Danika Harrod (@danikaharrod) and they discuss Danika's new job, some video game stuff, and some anime stuff!...

Crunchycast Ep. 73 - Voice Behind Noctis Talks FFXV & Anime!

Mar 4 • 32:08

In this week's Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) and Reina Scully (@reinascully) are joined by Ray Chase (@raychase) to discuss all things Final Fantasy and voice acting! Tune in to hear behind the scenes intel on Noctis and co. as well as Ray's roles in some of our favorite anime! ...

Crunchycast Ep. 72 - Resident Evil VII, Zelda, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

Feb 25 • 29:50

In this week's Crunchycast Victoria (@sailorbee) is joined by Reina Scully (@reinascully) and Elliot Trinidad (@nameoftheyear) to discuss the hottest cereal mascot, Elliot's discovery of an ancient technological treasure known to some today as "the PS4" and Resident Evil VII! But enough about us what's up with you? Doin' okay? Been watching much anime lately? I realize it ...

Crunchycast Ep. 71 - Special THANKS A MILLION Episode!

Feb 18 • 30:39

In this special episode of the Crunchycast our host Victoria Holden (@sailorbee) is joined by good ol' Miles Thomas (@MilesExpress999) and Tiffany Chen (@lugiamania) to discuss the war stories in their personal journeys to bring Crunchyroll to where it is today! We couldn't have done it without you all so thank you so much and join us in a toast to the next BILLION!!!...

Spirited Away, Iconic Anime Couples, His and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! | Crunchycast Ep. 70

Feb 11 • 26:08

Crunchycast Ep. 69 - Fire Emblem Heroes, Smash Bros, My Hero Academia

Feb 4 • 27:40

Welcome to the Crunchycast! This week Victoria is joined by Nick Robinson (@babylonian) and they discuss the hot new mobile app Fire Emblem Heroes. Nick's got some theories on a potential Switch port of Smash Bros and it's the funniest episode number we've done yet!...

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