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Humans have always committed crimes. What can we learn from the criminals and crimes of the past, and have humans gotten better or worse over time?

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Lioness of Brittany: Jeanne de Clisson and Her Bloodthirsty Revenge

Nov 30 • 30:57

We recently talked about Stede Bonnet, a wealthy landowner who ditched it all for a life of piracy. Bonnet though was not the only aristocrat to turn his back on his life for a life plundering the high seas. Jeanne de Clisson is another noble-turned-pirate who got into the revenge business - upon her husband Olivier's execution by the King of France....

Sayyida al-Hurra, the Muslim Pirate Queen

Nov 23 • 29:56

Sayyida al-Hurra -- which translates roughly as "Lady who is free and independent" in Arabic -- was born as Lalla Aicha bint Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami. Aicha was queen of Tétouan from 1515–1542 -- and she was a pirate queen. And she is considered to be one of the most important female figures of the Islamic West in the modern age....

A Pirate’s Life for Gentleman Stede Bonnet

Nov 16 • 39:53

Stede Bonnet was not really your typical pirate, if there is such a thing. Many pirates, such as unemployed sailors or laborers, chose the lifestyle because they didn't have many options. But Bonnet chose piracy over a wealthy and a respectable life. Was he was just looking for something bigger and more adventurous, or was there more to it?...

Meet Lady Killigrew, the Aristocratic Pirate

Nov 9 • 31:35

When Mary Wolverston married Sir John Killigrew, she married into a pirate family, and was very hands-on with the family business. She would ultimately be accused of preying on shipping vessels that passed along the coastline, arrested, and convicted -- yet not executed. Holly and Maria talk about why....

Fab Four: The Only Real Female Pirates of the Golden Age

Nov 2 • 34:24

Sometimes, and it happens with all scurvy sea dogs, male or female, there just isn't enough evidence left behind to know for certain that a person was a real part of history, or if they're just a fictional composite of several people. And because of that, there are just four confirmed female pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy – and one on that list is marginal....

Introducing: Dominant Stories with Jess Weiner

Oct 27 • 02:35

Hi, Criminalia fans! We're excited for the launch of the Dominant Stories podcast hosted by culture expert Jess Weiner. It's a brand new show from Shondaland and iHeartRadio and we think you'll enjoy it too. Don't just take our word for it, though. Check out the trailer and decide for yourself!...

Trick or Treat: A Pirate in Sheep's Clothing

Oct 26 • 33:53

As long as there have been pirates, there have been people hired to make them stop what they're doing. And, sometimes, those individuals hired to catch pirates are, themselves, pirates. From Woodes Rogers to Benjamin Hornigold, Holly and Maria tell the stories of the influential pirate hunters of the Golden Age of Piracy....

Was Sir Francis Drake Just In It For Revenge?

Oct 19 • 37:21

Sir Francis Drake was a politician, a naval officer, a sea captain, an English explorer, and the second person to circumnavigate the globe. He was also a pirate -- disguised as a privateer. Drake considered King Phillip II, the King of Spain, a life-long enemy, and he especially targeted their possessions and colonies. There was a rumor among Spaniards, and especially sail...

Captain Henry Every: The Pirate Who Got Away With It

Oct 12 • 31:54

Henry Every, also known as Henry Avery, Jack Avery or John Avery, as well as Benjamin Bridgeman or Long Ben OR The Arch Pirate or The King of Pirates, was an English pirate who apparently looted names. But he also became the most prosperous pirate when he took down the Gunsway -- it's estimated his treasure would be at least $60 million if not considerably more after infla...

The Tale Of The Barbarossa Brothers

Oct 5 • 33:46

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