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Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't


An antidote to the nausea caused by life in modern society via explorations of the cast of plant species composing the "living skin" of Planet Earth.

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What the sh*t is mRNA & how‘d it get into my nanoparticles

Nov 27 • 01:42:11

Intro music by etsywitch....

A Conversation about the Wild Sh1t going on in South African ”Daisies”

Nov 8 • 01:48:19

The sunflower family, Asteraceae, does some wild things - morphologically, evolutionarily and ecologically speaking - in the Southern Part of the African continent, especially in the tribes Calenduleae (think trichomes & stinky, oily glands), Gnaphalieae (paper daisies), and Arctotideae (the infamous "beetle daisies"). ...

A Conversation With The Naked Botanist

Nov 3 • 02:42:51

In this episode we spend 150 minutes talking with David Gwynne-Evans covering some of the epic highlights of the Cape Floristic Region's Flora. Even if you are unaware of, oblivious to, or disinterested in this region of South Africa's plant life you will find this episode interesting. The whole landscape of this region is like a giant plant Evolution class and we cover mu...

A Conversation Having Nothing To Do With Plants

Oct 27 • 02:12:25

South Africa Follow Up, Rantings, Etc.

Oct 8 • 01:31:11

2 hours of South Africa Ranting

Sep 26 • 01:51:13

Monocot Taxonomic Clusterf*ck

Sep 2 • 02:00:41

In this episode we talk with Chris Pires, Chief Science Officer at the New York Botanic Garden, about the taxonomic clusterf*ck that is the order Asparagales - the order of the Iris Family, the Orchid Family, the Agave Family, the Onion/Amaryllis Family, and many more obscure families located on distant and disjunct parts of the world. We also talk about how analyzing DNA ...

Deconstructing Taxonomy

Aug 18 • 01:11:06

Today's episode is inspired by the bRaVE individuals (all of us) who participated in the massive back-and-forth online shitposting last week regarding the inherent colonialism of using the binomial naming system of taxonomy, plant systematics and the study of evolutionary relationships among plant taxa....

Intro to the Rise of Flowering Plants

Jul 31 • 01:15:59

Wyoming Rare Plants with Walt Fertig

Jul 18 • 02:14:11

A criminally underrated state for rare plants and plant ecology, Wyoming has a number of rare taxa and bizarre habitats. In this episode we talk with a botanist who spent twenty years in the state documenting, inventorying and becoming acquainted with the flora in the high deserts and alpine plant communities. We speak specifically about the Yellowstone Abronia, Abronia am...

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