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Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stressRead more

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How has the world changed post COVID? - Jim O'Shaughnessy

Jul 7 • 01:41:17

James O'Shaughnessy is the founder, chairman, and co-chief investment officer at OSAM (O'Shaughnessy Asset Management). In this episode, we discuss the changes that have come about in the world post-COVID, mainstream media, politics, navigating the future as a society, the law of attraction, and much more. ...

What is meant by the phrase "The medium is the message"? - Steven Fan

Jul 2 • 01:02:44

Steven is trying to discover the next culture that’s emerging to replace conventional western culture and is also trying to be part of its formation. In this episode, we talk about order, blockchain, decentralization, media, information, eastern spirituality, and much more. ...

What exactly is an NFT? - Daliso Ngoma

May 5 • 01:04:30

Daliso Ngoma is the founder and Managing Director of African Technopreneurs which is focused on providing the best AR/VR/360 camera hardware in South Africa. In this episode we discuss NFTs, Crypto, blockchain, trust, thinking for yourself, avoiding self-deception, and much more. You can find Daliso on Twitter and Instagram at @djngoma. Enjoy....

What is the relationship between fear and healing - Keia Lavine

May 3 • 48:27

Keia is a Medicine Woman who organizes ceremonies for ancestral medicine. Her aim is to help people transform their lives life into empowered and abundant experiences through facilitating awakenings and supporting healing. In this episode, we discuss plant medicines, what it means to heal, the relationship between fear and healing, the goal of healing, and much more. You ...

Will exoskeletons ever become mainstream? - Nikhil Verma (MD)

Apr 28 • 01:05:08

Nikhil Verma is a medical doctor who specializes in treating and managing spinal health, mobility, chronic pain, and athletic health among others. In this episode, we discuss chronic pain, the various ways chronic pain is managed, transhumanism, muscular tension, and the possible future interventions in managing chronic pain. You can find Nikhil Verma on Twitter at VermaN2...

Why do kids get cancer? - Courtney Hodges

Apr 19 • 58:35

Courtney is passionate about helping children with cancer and in this episode, we discuss the shortcomings of the medical industry, their misinformed directives, their indirect undermining of human endurance and adaptability, living off the grid, achieving independence from the system, and much more. Enjoy...

God, the boundaries of Biology, and Free Will - Woody Wiegmann

Apr 16 • 01:18:10

A collaborative episode with Woody Wiegmann, host of Courage over Conviction podcast. In this episode, we discuss the existence of free will, and try to determine where choice ends and determinism begins. We discuss psychology, making the unconscious conscious, the pitfalls of human hubris, hedging against terrible fiscal policies and much more. Enjoy....

Do you know you can make music with plants? - Joshua Morrison Cooper

Apr 7 • 33:35

Joshua Morrison Cooper is the creative coordinator at Happiness and in this episode, we discuss gardening, the healing power of plants, how to get started with planting, how big agricultural practices deplete the quality of soil, government initiatives to help people interested in planting, and much more....

What does our future hold? - Mateo Bonells

Apr 4 • 57:43

Mateo Bonells is a plant medicine healer at the Iboga Wellness Center, Gabon, and is an initiate of the Bwiti tradition. In this episode, we discuss the wonder that is Iboga, the ethics of the government's attempt to coerce everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the cultural division this is causing, and much more....

What is a fab and why is it the next big thing in the manufacturing industry? Matt Parlmer

Mar 22 • 57:21

Matt Parlmer is the founder of General Fabrications, a firm devoted to democratizing production and the supply chain across a lot of industries. In this episode, we discuss his company's products, fabs, and delve into how they're going to revolutionize the manufacturing system and the various ways and fields in which they could be applied, such as in homesteading, moulding...

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