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Crazy; In Bed


May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis are best friends, stand-up comedians, and crazy – clinically speaking, and just regular speaking. Join them each week to discuss mental health, popular culture, and more — live from inside the quarantine. They invite comedians, journalists, artists, doctorsRead more

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Spitting on an Avalanche (w/ Jasmine Pierce)

May 18 • 48:50
This week we’re joined by comedian and SNL writer, Jasmine Pierce.

We chat about turning a bad relationship into comedy gold, secret underground female support systems, abusive behavioral patterns, waking up people at 3am to do a surprise podcast, how to escape an avalanche, and writing great jokes when you're mad!

PLUS, we explain why sugary protein drinks are like super sm...

You're a Douche, Son (w/ Chris Burns aka Fat Carrie Bradshaw)

May 11 • 01:04:41
This week we’re joined by comedian Chris Burns, better known on the internet as Fat Carrie Bradshaw!

We chat about Chris living back at home during the quarantine, the thrill of waiting on tables, internet joke thieves, signing a lease in New York City right before the quarantine, cutting your own hair, and the unexpected benefits of lockdown!

PLUS, May traps a giant spider ...

Airplane Puppy(w/ Rosebud Baker)

May 4 • 01:06:46
Live from our quarantines, we’re joined by incredible stand-up comedian and friend Rosebud Baker.

We chat about Rosebud's very eventful quarantine that includes a puppy shitting on an empty plane, getting engaged, and finding out what all white guys have in storage. AND, relationships in lockdown, and our problematic lord and savior Trader Joe's!

PLUS, Anosh reveals what it'...

Falling Through The Floorboards (w/ Andy Bustillos)

Apr 27 • 01:20:31
Live from our quarantines, we’re joined by comedian, musician, and our friend, Andy Bustillos!

We chat about Andy’s incredible musical performance on Instagram, the Michael Jordan documentary, Andy's romance with neighborhood pigeons, and Alyssa’s bed falls 3 stories through the floor.

PLUS, the worst thing May’s ever watched — for 8 hours straight.

This episode is also av...

The Falafels Aren't Ready

Apr 20 • 01:03:42
Live from our quarantines!

We chat about social anxiety at Zoom parties, isolation reducing you to the purest form of yourself, the worst person at a wedding, and how it's settling to know Bruce Springsteen is going through this too.

PLUS! Luke Mones stops by while cooking, flipping, and possibly burning falafels.

This episode is also available on YouTube @ Crazy in Bed Po...

Crazy; in Quarantine

Apr 13 • 01:06:40
We’re back, and this time we’re actually in bed.

In our first episode live from our quarantines, we chat about finding a weird sense of calm through all this, experiencing a reorganization of your priorities, our quarantine outfits, a little show called Tiger King, and Luke Mones pops by!

Plus, have you ever wondered if May owns a Duck? The answer will surprise you.

Stay sa...

We All Gasped at Your Beauty (w/ Molly Ruben-Long)

Nov 27 • 51:26
Our guests this week is New York Comedian Molly Ruben-Long!

We chat about how we’re all numb to crazy shit happening in the world, recognizing that what you feel is depression, going through a semi-public breakup, how couple’s therapy can help you realize a separation is okay, and how to win the Halloween season.

As always please hit us up on Instagram @crazyinbedpod or wri...

Why You Should Get That D (vitamin) w/ Sue Smith & Austin Rodrigues

Oct 23 • 57:52
Our guests this week are comedian couple Sue Smith & Austin Rodrigues.

We chat about finding the balance of co-dependence and narcissism in a relationship, renaming Viagra to make more sense, navigating awkward situations as a sober person, “yes and’ing” yourself, and what sober dating is like.

As always please hit us up on Instagram @crazyinbedpod or write us about your pr...

A Picture With Just The Bean (w/ Brooks Wheelan)

Oct 2 • 01:11:45
Our guest this week is comedian and former SNL cast member Brooks Wheelan!

We chat about the therapeutic nature of nature, Alyssa and Brooks' time working together, SNL stories, how to get a picture with just you and the Chicago bean, and how being sad in New York can lead to sexy calves.

As always please hit us up on Instagram @crazyinbedpod or write us about your problems...

"Sorry for the Late Reply" (feat. Your emails)

Sep 25 • 52:06
Our guests this week is your emails!

We’re back from hiatus and we’re kicking it off by answering emails sent by our listeners!

We chat about what we’ve learned after a year in LA, how to be a friend to someone who needs help, the people who raise you (other than your parents), the mixed feelings of going home to visit, all the little routines and actions that help shutout ...

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