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Big questions about technology, science, and culture, hosted by The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson. On Season 3 (launching May 9): unbreak the internet.

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Presenting: The Review, a new podcast from The Atlantic

Oct 22 • 02:08

How To Build A Happy Life: A new podcast from The Atlantic

Oct 12 • 02:26

Hello Crazy/Genius listeners. We'd like to introduce you to a new show! ...

Introducing: The Experiment

Feb 5 • 34:18

A new podcast from The Atlantic and WNYC Studios, The Experiment, tells stories from our unfinished country. On the first episode, host Julia Longoria tells the story of the “zone of death,” where a legal glitch could short-circuit the Constitution—a place where, technically, you could get away with murder. At a time when we’re surrounded by preventable deaths, we document...

Introducing New Atlantic Podcasts

Apr 2 • 03:00

The Atlantic has launched three new podcasts this year: Social Distance, Floodlines, and The Ticket. Subscribe to keep up with Atlantic journalism....

How Has Netflix Changed Entertainment?

Jun 26 • 28:05

Should We Be Afraid of AI in the Criminal Justice System?

Jun 20 • 29:44

Algorithms pervade our lives. They determine the news we see and the products we buy. But most Americans don’t understand how they are transforming every part of the criminal justice system—from policing and bail to sentencing and parole. Could computers make the legal system more fair? Or is it inherently unjust to put a person’s life in the hands of an algorithm?...

Influencers: Frauds or the Future of Online Commerce?

Jun 6 • 24:08

The U.S. and China: A Tale of Two Surveillance States

May 30 • 28:01

How Did the Far Right Take Over the Web?

May 23 • 27:55

What Is Pornography Doing to Our Sex Lives?

May 16 • 26:30

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