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Listen to the podcast for those who make and drink great beer. Every week we talk to professional brewers and industry experts about practical brewing advice, in-depth coverage of brewing trends that matter to you, and tips for getting the most out of your homebrew.

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215: Browar Pinta’s Paweł Maslowski and Bart Ociesa Apply Modern Creativity to Classic Styles

Nov 29 • 57:28

American brewers have long been influenced by European brewing traditions, but what happens when European brewers take some of those American twist and apply them to their own brewing? Poland’s Browar Pinta answers exactly that question, as the ten-year-old brewery puts a PNW hop twist on Baltic porter, embraces hazy New England-style IPA, or barrel ages imperial stout. ...

214: Special Episode: Our Craft Beer & Brewing Writers Share Their Personal Bests of 2021

Nov 19 • 01:51:02

Whether they’re out there talking to brewers, publicans, distributors, scientists, hop growers, or other experts to learn whatever they can for our magazine articles, or whether they’re more focused on tasting and critiquing the latest creations and trends, our contributing writers and editors spend a disproportionate and extravagant amount of time simply thinking about be...

Episode 213: Special Episode: The Best in Beer 2021

Nov 11 • 01:35:55

It’s been another challenging year for hospitality, for get-togethers, for travel, and thus for beer—yet despite it all, our blind review panel, editors, and writers at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® have tasted through thousands of beers, meticulously cataloguing our opinions to arrive at what we believe are the very finest. That yearlong process culminates in the Decembe...

Episode 212: Primitive Beer’s Lisa and Brandon Boldt Apply Science to the Romance of Spontaneous Fermentation

Nov 8 • 01:28:10

Launching any brewery is difficult, but launching one that only makes spontaneously fermented beer means total committment to a process that takes years from brew day to beer release. Still, Lisa and Brandon Boldt of Primitive Beer in Longmont, Colorado, inspired by Belgian lambic brewers and blenders, made the conscious choice to focus exclusively on spontaneously ferment...

Episode 211: Central Standard’s Ian Crane and Nathan Jackel Create Big Flavor in Small Farmhouse Beers

Oct 28 • 01:05:28

With GABF gold and silver medals for their mixed-culture grisette, Standard Issue, plus gold for Norwegian-style raw ale Pushing Trees, the brewers at Central Standard have established themselves not only as risk-takers but also as disciplined practitioners on the more obscure fringes of the craft. Their accolades have not arrived by accident—they are a product of deep stu...

Episode 210: Lacie Bray and Andy Coates of Ozark Beer Prove Accessibility Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Character

Oct 22 • 01:07:16

When Lacie Bray and Andy Coates, the founders of Ozark Beer in Rogers and Bentonville, Arkansas, began planning their brewery, it wasn’t yet legal to sell beer in Benton County and you could count the number of breweries in the state on one hand. But cultural and business changes were underway in the home of retail giant Walmart, and over the past decade they’ve grown in c...

Episode 209: Kelvin Kolheim of Beale Street Connects Through Flavor

Oct 17 • 55:50

Beale Street Brewing founder Kelvin Kolheim has always been a flavor enthusiast. From coffee and tea to different culinary traditions, he’s spent his life sampling and filing away those memories of flavor. Today, with his small beer brand—soon to have a brewery home of its own—Kolheim pulls from that vast mental library as he designs beers to connect with a variety of peop...

Episode 208: Marika Josephson and Aaron Kleidon of Scratch Brew With the Seasons

Oct 10 • 01:18:38

“People who visit the space, they understand and get that there’s this intimate quality to the beer,” says Aaron Kleidon. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a desire to add weird things to a beer just for the sake of adding weird things.” ...

Episode 207: Nick Mader of Alma Mader Balances Lager with Two Sides of Hazy IPA

Oct 2 • 01:07:12

For Alma Mader, combining lager brewing with a broad approach to hazy IPA provides the best of both worlds—a dogmatic approach to technical brewing synergized with a ranging program to squeeze every last ounce of flavor from their hops. Founder and head brewer Nick Mader studied and worked with industry-leading breweries before heading back home to Kansas City, Missouri, t...

Episode 206: Shaun Berns of Phase Three Brewing Prefers the Pragmatic to the Romantic

Sep 24 • 01:07:01

Breweries making barrel-aged beer tend to lean heavily on romance. From name-checking the origins of their barrels to weaving stories of long, laborious boils and careful searches for the perfect ingredients, there’s no story today’s brewers can’t embellish. But for Shaun Berns and Phase Three Brewing in Lake Zurich, Illinois, it’s the quality of the end-product—and not th...

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