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COVID-19: The Search for a Vaccine

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“COVID-19: The Search for a Vaccine” is a series of podcasts which throws light on the work of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce in co-ordinating and expediting efforts to protect the UK against COVID-19 through vaccination as quickly as possible. The series looks at the most promising research; theRead more

Popular episodes

EP 8. Human Challenge

Oct 26 • 36:32

What are “human challenge” trials, and how might they help in efforts to develop a vaccine against COVID-19? Neil McNeil talks to Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force; Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London, Dr. Andrew Catchpole, Chief Scientific Officer at hVIVO, and Sean Cousins, a volunteer participant in several human ...

Ep 7: When will we have a vaccine?

Oct 21 • 39:56

Efforts to develop a vaccine have been underway for months.  For the latest news on when it might arrive – and whether we’ll need more than one - Neil McNeil speaks to Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force; Dr. Helen Horton, Chief Research Officer at Touchlight Genetics Ltd and scientific advisor to the vaccine task force;  Saul Faust, Professor of Paediatric Im...

Ep 6: Making the vaccine

Oct 6 • 27:15

Developing a vaccine is one thing, but manufacturing it in very large amounts is a significant challenge in itself.  In this episode, Neil McNeil is joined by Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Netty England, member of the BIA Manufacturing Advisory Committee, Andy Jones, Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Medicines Manufacturing Director, and Ian McCubbin, ...

Ep:5 Clinical Research – reaching Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups

Sep 28 • 40:49

When the pandemic arrived, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities were disproportionally affected – so it’s essential that they’re strongly represented amongst volunteers for vaccine trials.  Neil McNeil is joined by Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Shamaila Anwar of the NIHR, Dr. Maheshi Ramasamy, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Acute General ...

Ep4: Vaccinating the world

Sep 22 • 37:30

In the race to protect the world against COVID-19, what is being done to ensure that less well-off countries are not left behind if a successful vaccine is developed? What support is being offered in terms of manufacture, supply, storage and distribution?  What are the challenges in insuring that people in remote regions have access to the vaccine? Neil McNeil speaks to Ka...

Ep3: UK Vaccine Strategy

Sep 9 • 28:21

Who should be first in the UK to receive a vaccine against COVID-19?  Who makes that decision, and on what basis?  Neil McNeil talks to Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Doctor Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, and Dr. Na’eem Ahmed of NHS England about the many essential criteria that must be considered before a decision is reached....

Ep2: Vaccine and Trial Safety

Aug 25 • 36:47

In the second episode, Neil McNeil talks to Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Dr. Jonathan Sheffield, National Institute for Health Research/Department of Health and Social Care COVID-19 Liaison Director for Research, and Dr. Phil Bryan, Head of Vaccine Safety at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, about how safety is controlled in the ...

Ep1: The UK Vaccine Taskforce - Portfolio Strategy

Aug 11 • 22:53

In the first episode, Neil McNeil talks to Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, and Sir Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, about the aims of the Vaccine Taskforce, how the various types of potential vaccine against COVID-19 work, the likelihood of success, the very latest developments, the obstacles to producing a successful vaccine, the ste...

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