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Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast from MIT Sloan Management Review


This is a show for sports professionals, data junkies, and fans alike. It’s a show for anyone who knows that numbers are about much more than the score. Hosts Ben Shields (MIT Sloan School of Management) and Paul Michelman (MIT Sloan Management Review) engage the world’s premier sports analyticsRead more

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Why Analytics Don’t Always Pay Off in the Playoffs

Oct 10 • 33:51
In today's NBA, are analytics just a regular season tool? Analytics have a major place in today’s basketball world. At some level, every team relies on data and analytics for roster construction, salary negotiation, and in-game strategy. But the playoffs? They're a different story. In the NBA's second season, is it time to ignore the numbers and let talent, tenacity, and t...

Front Office, Disrupted

Sep 26 • 25:05

The explosion of streaming media offers fans unlimited access to sports and entertainment. So how can teams entice their audience to the events happening here and now? Sports Innovation cofounder and CEO Angela Ruggiero says success starts with understanding just how fans’ behavior has changed with the advent of digital technology — meaning, executives of sports companies ...

The Running Game Is Only Mostly Dead

Sep 12 • 20:33

Information Overload?

Aug 8 • 24:38

Talent vs. Teamwork

Jul 25 • 34:05

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The rag-tag group of underdogs overcomes the more skilled favorite thanks to nothing more than their belief in each other. That popular sports movie cliché may feel unrealistic at times, but when it comes to building a team in real life, the value of cohesiveness and chemistry is increasingly measurable and provable. Whether it’s th...

Behold the Big Man

Jul 11 • 17:45

In the NBA’s modern era of pace-and-space, small ball, and chucking away from 3, it feels like there’s no more place for the lumbering 7-foot center who used to be the backbone of the league. But the burgeoning field of defensive analytics shows that this "dinosaur" might not be going extinct just yet. Ben speaks with Ivana Saric, data scientist for the Philadelphia 76ers,...

What the NBA Gets Wrong About Lottery Pick Protections

Jun 27 • 27:16

Predicting the College Football Playoff

Jun 13 • 31:13

NFL Pass Blocking is Even More Important than You Think

May 30 • 20:31

Though lacking in glitz and glamour, the tackle, guard, and center positions make up the backbone of every NFL offense. Without skilled players in those roles — and players who can work as a unit — a team’s entire strategy can fall apart. In the past few years, teams like the Rams, Chiefs, and Saints have used a punishing offensive line to ignite high-powered offenses, whi...

The Secret of My eSports Success

May 16 • 31:17

eSports has arrived as a major player in the sports world. Games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends have hundreds of millions of players, and the best gamers have fan-bases and endorsement deals right up there with the stars of "real" sports. As eSports grows, so do the analytics surrounding it.  But while the nature of eSports means that the amount of quantitative data for...

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