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The Cosmic Eye podcast posts two new metaphysical shows per week: The Sunday Tarot Talk is an exploration of all things Tarot! Currently we are doing a series on the Major Arcana, exploring one card from the 22 Majors each week. Occult psychology, symbols, & TAROT FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION areRead more

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Ep. 204 - Spirit Work Podcast - "The Lady In Blue Velvet" Sagittarius, Clairvoyance, Psychic Medium

Nov 25 • 01:06:54

Ep. 204 of the Cosmic Eye Spirit Work podcast is the first in our series of talks based on Sagittarius themes. Be sure to listen and find out how you can WIN CRYSTALS worth $88, $44, or $22! In this ep. we talk about the LADY IN BLUE VELVET and The TEMPERANCE Tarot card which is connected to the Astrological Sign Sagittarius. Angel shares his PSYCHIC ADVENTURES IN Los Ange...

Episode 203 - Spirit Work Podcast - Psychic Psychology & Female and Male Grounding for Clairvoyance

Nov 19 • 01:25:24

Ep. 203 - In this SPECIAL episode we look at the book Psychic Psychology by John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher. We explore the psychic and auric differences between biological males and females. We look at psychic development and GROUNDING and the importance of staying GROUNDED TO THE EARTH. We explore how the concepts in Psychic Psychology compare to C.G. Jung's ideas of t...

Episode 202 - Sunday Tarot Talk - The Temperance Tarot Card Key 14 - Tarot Card Meanings, Initiation, Guardian Angel

Nov 14 • 38:12

Ep. 202 - In this show we discuss the Temperance card, one of the more mysterious cards in the Tarot deck. We look at the symbolism of the Archangel Michael who is featured on this card. We talk about BALANCE, PURIFICATION and the idea of the HIGHER SELF or HIGHER GUARDIAN ANGEL. The letter Samekh is investigated and how it is connected to the SERPENT POWER or the KUNDALIN...

Episode 201 - Spirit Work Podcast - "The 2nd Chakra, Creativity & Love" Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities

Nov 12 • 01:28:22

Ep. 201 - We explore the 2nd Chakra and how it is related to Clairvoyance, Creativity, Love and Relationships & more. Angel leads an exercise on how to AWAKEN & CLEAR 2nd Chakra energy. We also look at some oils, scents & CRYSTALS to help HEAL and CONNECT to this chakra and we explore how YOU CAN HAVE BETTER RELATIONSHIPS when you understand how this powerful 2nd CHAKRA CO...

Episode 200 - Spirit Work Podcast "Sexuality, Scorpios, & Tantra" Chakras, Kundalini, Sexual Energy

Nov 5 • 01:38:41

Ep. 200- In this episode in honor of this Scorpio month we look at Scorpios, Kundalini, Tantra and the Chakras. We discuss how Kundalini affects our spiritual development, and how we can control it, so that it doesn't control us and MUCH MORE! Join us now....

Ep. 199 - Sunday Tarot Talk - Death Tarot Card - Death, Transformation, Eternal Life

Nov 1 • 42:00

Ep. 199 - Happy Halloween! We look at the Death Tarot Card in this ongoing series investigating the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This episode we look at Key 13, Death and its connections to Scorpio and Sexuality as well as the Hebrew Letter Nun. We look at the idea of IMMORTALITY and the Philosopher's Stone, the Kundalini energy, and much more. Join us for a great new episod...

Episode 198 - Death, Transformation, Día De Los Muertos, Tarot & More! Halloween, Death Tarot Card

Oct 27 • 01:30:09

Ep. 198 - In this episode, in honor of this new Scorpio month, we talk about DEATH. The Death Tarot Card is associated with Scorpio, using this connection as a jumping off point we dive deeply into TRANSFORMATION, CHANGE, DEATH and more. We look at the history or Tarot, discuss Día De Los Muertos, Halloween and this time of year as a "Thin Place" between the PHYSICAL and S...

Episode 197 - Spirit Work Show - Mediumship, Clairvoyance & Past Life Regression - Past Lives, Psychic, Medium

Oct 20 • 01:19:24

Ep. 197 - We look at Mediumship and define what a MEDIUM actually is, and the difference between MEDIUMS and CLAIRVOYANTS. We also chat about our own PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES, look at past life regression therapy, and talk about Stephen A. Hermann's book Mediumship Mastery. We also look at the SHADOW side of Spirituality and the Spirit World & discuss why you shouldn't trust ...

Episode 196 - Sunday Tarot Talk - The Hanged Man Key 12 - REVERSAL and Samadhi

Oct 18 • 33:12

In ep. 196 we talk about The Hanged Man Tarot Card. We look at the meaning of this card in a Tarot reading and also dive deeply into the symbolism of it. We investigate the idea of REVERSAL and what this REALLY MEANS. We discuss Samadhi and Cosmic Consciousness as well. The Hanged Man is one of the most important cards in the Tarot deck, listen now to find out why!

Episode 195 - Spirit Work Show "Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & More!"

Oct 14 • 01:40:17

In ep. 195 we continue to explore the world of ANGELS! We look at Doreen Virtue's Archangels and Ascended Masters and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's How To Work With Angels books. We also talk about Madame Blavatsky, Divinities and Avatars, and The ONE SOURCE behind all religions. We discuss the POWER OF BELIEF and POSITIVE THINKING, How to connect to Angels and How to WORK WIT...

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