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Two lovers of the Cosmere explore the universe created by Brandon Sanderson with biweekly episodes discussing the intricacies of this literary masterpiece. Episodes begin with background information on the Cosmere itself and develop to be more specific regarding each world/novel. We discuss theRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 75: RoW Part 5 Epigraphs

Mar 16 • 44:53

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Episode 81: The Timeline of Shallan Davar

Jun 8 • 01:26:37

Brooke and Tyler go step by step through the life of Shallan in an attempt to organize her messy and chaotic story. We answer when does she bond a spren, what are the differences in her blades, does she have plate, and everything all the way through the events of RoW. #AllSpoilers...

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Episode 83: Emulsifiers

Jul 6 • 46:31

Brooke & Tyler discuss all the different types of emulsifiers on Roshar and throughout the Cosmere. The Middle Path is a recurring theme that is continually presented as an alternative to the traditional good/bad storytelling and emulsifiers are the key to complete understanding. #AllSpoilers...

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Episode 87: Words of Brandon Vol. 5

Aug 31 • 53:14

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Episode 80: Mayalaran & The Recreance

May 25 • 01:01:18

Brooke and Tyler look at the relationship between Mayalaran and Adolin and the ever-evolving nature of what it means to bond with a spren. Maya's revelation at the trial completely recontextualizes the past on Roshar and may be one of the biggest factors in convincing spren to join the war against Odium. #AllSpoilers...

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Episode 86: RoW Ars Arcanum

Aug 17 • 51:00

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