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Coronavirus Outbreak: Dr Aiswarya Explains

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A paediatrician and public health consultant who has spent over 20 years studying contagious diseases, Dr. Aiswarya busts myths and sets the record straight about COVID 19.

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9: Why the government needs to address COVID-19 cremations

Apr 21 • 09:20
To be a doctor working on the COVID-19 frontlines, only to have your dignity stripped in death with no proper burial is the saddest thing to come out of this pandemic. 

In this episode, Dr Aiswarya takes on burials and cremations in times of coronavirus. With the violence surrounding the burial of doctors in Chennai, and no official word from the government on the treatment...

8: Alcohol dependence during COVID-19 lockdown

Apr 12 • 13:19
The lockdown has all of us missing something that may not necessarily add nutritional value to our lives. Of them, alcohol tops the list for quite a few. But when recreational use bleeds into dependence - it can become a dangerous situation to navigate for addicts. 

In this episode, Dr Aiswarya explains what constitutes alcohol abuse, and the dark side of the forced detox i...

7: Face masks: Who needs it the most?

Apr 6 • 06:53
Sanitizers, masks and gloves have become the anti-coronavirus kit to have in these times. From the general public to healthcare professionals, people scrambled to buy masks from Day 1 of the pandemic.

65 days in, there have been contrasting views from authorities on the need to wear a mask at all. In this episode, Dr Aiswarya explains where the debate came from, and what on...

6: The cost of stigma in Corona care

Mar 29 • 21:40
In the treatment of any communicable disease, stigma and discrimination are indelibly interlinked with access to healthcare. In the current Coronavirus outbreak in India, many incidents of shaming and suspicion have emerged. Branding of the quarantined via labels and marks has not helped matters. Terms like 'social' distancing instead of 'physical' distancing is reinforcin...

5: How Does A Hospital Prep For COVID-19?

Mar 25 • 07:46
How do hospitals deal with numerous patients walking in and out with coronavirus symptoms? With the number of COVID-19 cases rising by the day, how are healthcare professionals and hospitals readying up for the storm that is to come? 

In this episode, Dr Aiswarya speaks to Dr Uma Devi, Professor of Medicine at Stanley Medical College in Chennai who is currently on the front...

4: How Long Before a Coronavirus vaccine?

Mar 24 • 10:02

3: Acing administrative strategy to take on Coronavirus

Mar 22 • 10:04
All public health messages dwell on individual responsibility with stress placed on the importance of hand washing, physical distancing, and staying at home even though asymptomatic. But the pillars on which the outbreak can be contained remains good public health practices of surveillance, screening, testing, isolation and contact tracing. Are state governments putting th...

2: Rumours vs Anti-Rumours: Coronavirus Edition

Mar 18 • 13:06

1: Corona, Coughing And Being Careful

Mar 16 • 05:21

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