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7 Idea Generators from The Copy Book

Dec 6 • 00:00

Today's podcast comes from a handful of idea generators I found in "The Copy Book —How Some of the Best Advertisers in the World Write Their Advertising."

I found out about this book from our friend Sean Vosler, who's been on the show before.

It's over 500 pages long, and while it's interesting, most of it does not really apply to direct response copywriting, which, after al...

The Big Idea, Micro-Scripts and a Special Surprise, with Bill Schley

Nov 29 • 00:00

We have an extra-special guest today, and I will tell you about him after I tell you about his book. Nine years ago, someone -- and I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was -- told me about this amazing book called “The Micro-Script Rules.” I went crazy when I got it and have been recommending it to people ever since.

Fast forward to earlier this fall. My client Billy Broas em...

The Most Persuasive Story Structure on Earth, With Kenneth Yu

Nov 22 • 00:00

We’ve got a very special guest today, Kenneth Yu. I really want to thank him for staying up very late to join us. As we’re recording this, it’s the middle of the night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where Ken is based.

He’s going to tell us about what he calls “the most persuasive story structure on Earth,” and he has a point. He calls it “the scalable parable,” and this refers...

Principles of Advertising — Old Masters Series

Nov 15 • 00:00

We’re back with an episode in the Old Masters series -- four Old Masters, in fact. These four people are the co-authors of the book “The Principles Of Advertising,” first published in 1915. I ran across it while tracking down something else I had learned about from Copywriting Historian Sean Vosler, who has been on this show before.

The authors are: Harry Tipper, Harry L. H...

Hard-Won Business Wisdom, with Nathan Fraser

Nov 8 • 00:00

When you need some good advice for your business, who you gonna call?

My way of looking at is pretty simple: You need someone who knows it, not only because they’ve studied it, but because they’ve also done it. Successfully. In the best of all possible worlds, more than once.

For instance, if you wanted to take a cooking class, would you choose a class given by someone who h...

What Your Customers Want Most To Know, Part 4

Nov 1 • 00:00

We’re back with our Old Masters Series, and this is the last part of a four-part series -- What Your Prospects Most Want To Know. I would add, what is it that they want to know right away, and whether or not you tell them might decide whether or not they keep on reading?

The answer is still:

What will your product, or service, do for me?

But this time, we’re going to take it ...

The 5 Monsters of Copywriting

Oct 25 • 00:00

The market research company Ipsos recently did a poll that found 46% of Americans believe in ghosts. I found that annoying because they didn’t ask Americans how many of them believed in monsters.

It’s so important which words you use when you’re taking a survey.

Ipsos also found that 7% of Americans believe in vampires, and 6% believe in zombies.

With Halloween coming up, I t...

The Two Copywriters Who Changed Everything, And The Man Who Hired Them

Oct 18 • 00:00

We’re back with a special Gold Edition of Copywriters Podcast. The reason it’s a Gold Edition is because we are taking a deep dive into the gold mines of copywriting history.

The two men who invented copywriting as we know it are Claude Hopkins and John E. Kennedy. And the man who hired them was Albert Lasker.

I came across this book, The Man Who Sold America, which has info...

Secrets of $10 Million Supplement Sales Letters, with Mike Pavlish, Part 2

Oct 11 • 00:00

We’re back with Mike Pavlish for part two of $10-million-plus sales letters, especially in the supplement industry.

As we mentioned last week, Mike is a superstar copywriter. He has written promotions for health supplements for some of the most successful supplement companies in the world, including Agora, Dr. Al Sears, Healthy Directions and many others.

Mike has also writt...

Secrets of $10 Million Supplement Sales Letters, with Mike Pavlish

Oct 4 • 00:00

Get ready for a master class in creating eight-figure sales letters, from a copywriter who has done it… over and over and over again.

I’m really excited that today, we have Mike Pavlish on the show. He has written promotions for health supplements that have in many cases brought in more than $10 million apiece. And he’s done this for some of the most successful supplement c...

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