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Copper Shock is a story telling channel in the form of old radio Foley sounds and music. Sit back and enjoy original scary stories read by Tasha Wheelhouse. Some stories are based on true life events, while others explore the dark and unexpected.

Popular episodes

Possession in 1984 California

Nov 13 • 24:05

Preview Possession in California 1984

Nov 10 • 03:17

Temporal Time Slip on the RMS Queen Mary

Sep 18 • 20:33

I’ve been away gathering more original stories to tell. And this week will hopefully prove to be unusual. Describing alternate existences is a hard sell. And yet there are countless books, songs, and entertainments describing alternate reality experiences. Find more information on

What Happened to the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach?

Sep 15 • 03:12

The Tale of Tam O’ Shanter

May 30 • 19:26

This poem is nationally celebrated in Scotland and recited by children each year. This Copper Shock episode interviews a native Scot, and reads aloud the poem with classic Copper Shock sound effects and music. Resources for this episode can be found at

Beautiful Stranger at the Del Coronado

Feb 16 • 33:06

The Abandoned Prison at 1776 Buckley Lane

Jan 23 • 35:06

Preview of 1776 Buckley Lane

Jan 20 • 02:24

Christmas Ghosts in Hawaii

Dec 25 • 24:02

The Red Lady In the Forrest

Oct 31 • 10:43

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