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In each episode of the Cool Tools Show, Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder talk to a guest about some of his or her favorite uncommon and uncommonly good tools they think others should know about.

Popular episodes

288: Joe Szuecs

Jul 23 • 30:32
For show notes and transcript visit:…aker-music-festival/

Our guest this week is Joe Szuecs, the founder of the Maker Music Festival. Joe is also the president of Chimera Arts maker space located in Sonoma County, California. Joe is a software developer, artist, musician and avid home cook. You can find Maker Music Festival on Instagram @makermusicfest ...

287: Sherry Huss

Jul 16 • 37:00
For show notes and transcript visit:…nder-of-maker-faire/

Our guest this week is Sherry Huss. Co-founder of Maker Faire and Innovator in Residence at Freeman. Sherry is all about creating experiences, connecting community, building tribes and having a bit of fun while she's at it! Her latest projects include Decameron Row, Maker Music Festival and Live ...

286: Marc Wade

Jul 9 • 40:06
For show notes and transcript visit:…-wade-messermeister/
Our guest this week is Marc Wade. He’s the Director of Business Development for Messermeister, the leading manufacturer of premium handcrafted chef’s knives and culinary tools, is an award-winning kitchen knife designer and developer, best known for his leading role in the development of the Shu...

285: Ian Charnas

Jul 2 • 34:00
For show notes and transcript visit:…an-charnas-engineer/
Our guest this week is Ian Charnas. Ian is an engineer and YouTuber who co-founded Sears think[box], a 7-story makerspace at Case Western Reserve University that is free and open to the public. His YouTube channel features hilarious inventions like a real-life Mario Kart, an Invisibility Shield, ...

284: Donald Bell

Jun 25 • 41:22

283: Alana Aamodt

Jun 18 • 36:17
For show notes and transcript visit:…aamodt-toy-designer/

Our guest this week is Alana Aamodt. Alana is a toy designer and educator from Denver, Colorado. She has a background in physics and art, and a love of Rube Goldberg machines. The combination of the three serve as the inspiration for her company, Momentix Toys, which uses chain reactions to teach...

282: Mike Senese

Jun 11 • 41:51
For show notes and transcript visit:…tive-editor-of-make/

Our guest this week is Mike Senese. Mike is the executive editor of Make: magazine. He’s worked as a DIY journalist and TV host throughout his career, with roles at Wired and ReadyMade magazines, and on Discovery and Science channels. You can find Mike on Twitter and Instagram @msenese.

281: Seth Raphael

Jun 4 • 27:43
For show notes and transcript visit:…el-hi-tech-magician/

Seth Raphael is a modern day Robert Houdin, combining cutting edge technology with age-old magic techniques to push what’s possible and elicit wonder. He studied magic and technology at MIT and companies like Disney and Google hire him to help envision the future. You can find Seth on Twitter and...

280: Rusty Blazenhoff

May 28 • 29:46
For show notes and transcript visit:…nhoff-social-artist/

Our guest this week is Rusty Blazenhoff. Rusty is a social artist who aims to bring surprise and delight to everything she does. She publishes an inbox zine (a term she coined), blogs for Boing Boing, and makes magic for Pee-wee Herman, Children's Fairyland and Burning Man. You can find Rusty on ...

279: Paul Boswell

May 21 • 38:42
For show notes and transcript visit:…ucational-toy-maker/

Our guest this week is Paul Boswell. Paul is co-founder of Turing Tumble. He’s been an analytical chemist, a software engineer, a professor at the University of Minnesota, and a healthcare researcher. Four years ago, he progressed to the next obvious step in his career: becoming a toymaker. His K...

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