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This is a podcast about various topics including geek culture, philosophical conversations or pop culture. Whether it is a solo episode or with friends, we will have fun during the conversation. We won't always agree, but we will respect one another.

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Episode 160 Finally, We Talk About The Rock's Debut and Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer

Nov 30 • 01:25:23
Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson made his wrestling debut, in WWE, 25 years ago at Survivor's Series. He has gone on to destroy box office records and Netflix with "Red Notice" We talk about our favorite Rock moments. Then we get into the latest Spider-Man:No Way Home Trailer. We talk about the reveals of the Sinister Six,Dr. Strange and so much more. "Conversations Behind the Wal...

Episode 159 Sasha Banks vs Rhonda Rousey, More WWE Firings & Disney + Day Talk

Nov 21 • 01:33:12

Justin Davis and I Just Got Called up to The Main...and We're Fired or We Talk WWE Firings

Nov 19 • 01:39:09
WWE has fired another bunch of superstars. You know we have to talk about it. This week, you get me and the extraordinary Justin Davis. He is a master at videography and a huge fan of wrestling. We talk WWE firings, AEW, NWA, AJ Lee and her involvement with WOW and Macho Man/Dusty Rhodes impersonations.


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Episode 157 To Yvette Arterbridge With Love, Your Son Will

Nov 14 • 34:45

Episode 156 The Dave Chappelle Fallout Over "The Closer", Netflix Walkout and His Response

Oct 27 • 47:16
*Warning for triggering language and profanity in the audio clips* Netflix's "Dave Chappelle:The Closer" is continuing to draw controversy due to his views on Trans-People. This has lead to a walkout at Netflix and a response from Chappelle himself. I ask you to dialogue with me via the voicemail option to let me hear how you feel about the special, Netflix's response and ...

Episode 155 The Rock Raps? Or We Talk Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

Oct 20 • 01:13:01
So Jingles and I (Smiter is away working) listen to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rap in "Face Off" with Tech N9ne. (There is a bit of language in the song. If you want to skip the verse, it's timestamped at 3:46-4:36) We talk about our thoughts on the verse and a bit of our loves of rap music and different artists we like. Then we get into "Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage". We ...

Episode 154 Pathfinder Adventures: The Kobold Lair Part 3 & 4-A Murder Kobold Mystery

Oct 18 • 01:58:35
Jingles continues leading the path in our Pathfinder Adventures I get to continue with Piman, Smiter and Tina "The Ultimate Fangirl" Clayton to go in on a Kobold Lair to try to find out how a building fell in on itself. Do we find out why? What creature or situation gives us the most fit? How many times will the word "Destiny" be uttered?


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Episode 153 Pathfinder Adventures: The Kobold Lair Part 2...for real this time

Oct 2 • 01:02:59

So it is time for the ACTUAL Part 2 Pathfinder adventure with Jingles leading the path. I get to continue with Piman, Smiter and Tina "The Ultimate Fangirl" Clayton to go in on a Kobold Lair to try to find out how a building fell in on itself. Will we survive? What does Tina not like? Will a Bard sing a song? Why is it getting so crowded? Is this adventure worth the crazin...

Episode 155 Matrix 4 trailer, News and Shang-Chi movie talk and Will's Birthday.

Sep 27 • 02:14:08

We talk movie and show trailers, including Matrix 4 Resurrection and then we get into the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie "Shang Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings" We talk about Simu Liu, Awkwafina and the rest of the awesome cast. We talk about action, story, pacing, links to the  MCU and what it could set up for future movies. We wrap up with questions about me ...

Episode 154 The Jena of It All

Sep 27 • 01:12:11

I get to talk to Jena(Jenifer) Burns. We work together for The Comic Book Shopping Experience. We talk about our Six Month "Post-It"  Anniversary. We talk about life, comics, faith, POP figures, meeting her husband, her travels, family and so much more. Do you want to check out the Comic Book Shopping Experience? Here are links....

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