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In this limited-run series, Open Mike Eagle (rap artist and host of Infinite Guest’s Secret Skin) and John Moe (host of Infinite Guest's Wits) talk about the characters, story lines and themes in the hit Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time. John and Mike also talk with the creativeRead more

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18: Our Top Five Characters In Need of Miniseries

Nov 25 • 43:46

With the eight-part Marceline miniseries behind us, hosts Mike Eagle and John Moe count down their lists of who they want to see the next miniseries be about. Obviously, Magic Man is on Mike’s list, but where does he rank? Will John find a place for his beloved Snow Golem? And who lands at number one on their lists? Plus, Mike talks with Adventure Time head honcho Adam Mut...

17: Stakes, Eating, Patterns, and Eurydice

Nov 20 • 28:53

The Stakes miniseries on Adventure Time has concluded and it’s up to Conversation Parade hosts John Moe and Open Mike Eagle to figure out what it all means. John’s pretty sure there’s a message hidden in Marceline’s repeated inhalation of vampire souls. For Mike, there is great significance in the characters’ life patterns and what happens as a result. Plus, veteran Advent...

16: Vampires, De-Vampirizing, and Olivia Olson

Nov 17 • 33:17

We’re halfway through the Stakes miniseries and hosts John Moe and Open Mike Eagle are on hand to wade through what we’ve seen. Marceline’s attempt to rid herself of vampirism has led to unexpected unleashing of many old vampire foes. Can she really ever escape them? Or her past? Or herself? Also, what’s the deal with the creepy cow dancing? Plus, we check in with the voic...

15: Marceline: Happy as a Clam or the Saddest Person in All Ooo?

Nov 11 • 30:27

As they prepare to take in the Marceline-centric miniseries Stakes, John and Mike discuss Marceline and who she really is deep down inside. Is she a self-actualized person, fully at peace with herself as a human, a demon, and a vampire? Or is she the saddest, most lonely character in all the Land of Ooo? Also, we check in with Adventure Time’s Head of Story, Kent Osborne, ...

14: Trusting the Process, Digging Dirt Holes, and Jack Pendarvis

Nov 7 • 30:36

We’re five episodes in to the new season of Adventure Time, meaning John and Mike have plenty to talk about on the latest Conversation Parade. Mike has noticed that there’s been a lot of talk about trusting the process in some recent stories. He’s wondering if it’s the King of Ooo saying that or someone much higher up the pecking order. John has been thinking about dirt ho...

13: Bonnie & Neddy, Varmints, and Ashly Burch

Nov 4 • 29:12

Adventure Time is back with a new season and Conversation Parade is back as well to help you pick apart what’s happening. Bonnie & Neddy introduces us to Princess Bubblegum’s younger brother, an easily frightened tree root-sucking dragon, leading Mike to wonder if the whole candy kingdom runs on anxiety. Princess Bubblegum sets off to hunt pumpkin-eating monsters in Varmin...

12: What We Want to Know, What We Don’t Want to Know, and Neko Case

Sep 2 • 46:43

A new season of Adventure Time looms on the horizon and Conversation Parade hosts John Moe and Open Mike Eagle are here to share their thoughts on what may be to come. What’s the deal with the Mushroom Wars? What’s going to happen as a result of the political turmoil in the Candy Kingdom? Our special guest this week, unlike all weeks thus far, is someone who does NOT work ...

11: Our Top Five Adventure Time Villains

Aug 26 • 46:04

We all know that Finn and Jake are heroes on Adventure Time. Well, Finn anyway. But wherever there are heroes, there are sure to be villains. And the Land of Ooo is full of villains. Hosts John Moe and Open Mike Eagle count down their top five baddies, which include some very unexpected characters. Where will The Lich rank? How about Orgalorg? Will the Hooligans Who Love C...

10: Death, Religion, and BMO

Aug 19 • 47:14

Conversation Parade takes on the big issues this week in what can only be termed “a very special episode.” What does death mean in the world of Adventure Time when some characters croak and others live forever? And what are we to make of Glob, the nearest thing we have to a deity in this universe? Is he a creator and mastermind of all things or just a four-faced security g...

9: The Trouble With Tree Trunks, Fatherhood Mutations, and the HEAD OF STORY

Aug 12 • 42:42

For such a tiny elephant, Tree Trunks sure stirs up some big emotions. In this episode, co-hosts Open Mike Eagle and John Moe take up opposing sides in regard to the Land of Ooo’s most beloved/notorious apple pie baker. Why does John overlook TT’s selfishness? What celebrity chef does TT remind Mike of? Also in this episode, a closer examination of the Evergreen episode, a...

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