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A team of time travelers discovers a terrible truth. The chronicles we’ve known may not be our past, it could have been altered, our memories changed and history itself set on a different path. They investigate these anomalies, traveling to different periods of our ancient history to stop theRead more

Popular episodes

Continuum Force Season 2 Review | Featuring JC and Rita De La Torre

Oct 11 • 19:37

Chapter 24 | The Bogeys Revealed, Part One

Sep 8 • 29:20

In this unforgettable Season Two Finale, questions regarding the bogeys and their plans are finally revealed as the Continuum Force faces their greatest threat....

Season Two | The Road So Far

Sep 1 • 47:27

It's been an amazing second season of Continuum Force. With our Season Two Finale on September 8th, get caught up or relive some of the greatest moments of this season!...

Chapter 23 | The Chinese Connection

Aug 15 • 19:30

On a historical mission to observe the legendary Chinese warlord, Sun Tzu, the Continuum Force gets themselves into their usual trouble....

Chapter 22 | Cold War

Aug 1 • 25:47

Eli and the team go back to 1960's Russia to outsmart Rosicrucian, CIA, and Russian spies. Will the team leave From Russia with Love or will they Only Live Twice?...

Chapter 21 | My Father's Keeper

Jul 15 • 21:15

Henrik Alala finally reveals the purpose of the Bogeys, how he survived the trip to the time of the dinosaurs, and what the Rosicrucians are preparing....

Patreon Exclusive | Chapter 20 | Valley Forge

Jul 4 • 06:19

Happy Fourth of July, USA! To celebrate America's birthday (or Colonial Treason Day if you're from the U.K.), we provide you this full episode of Continuum Force, exclusively on Patreon!...

Chapter 19 | Aces

Jul 1 • 27:35

Note: This episode of Continuum Force has a discussion of Asexuality and sexual situations. While more of a technical discussion and completely safe for work, Parental Guidance is suggested....

Chapter 18 | The Macedonian King

Jun 15 • 23:19

A mission to see the exploits of the Macedonian King, Alexander the Great, takes a turn for the worst. A can't miss episode of Continuum Force that will have fans talking!...

Chapter 17 | City of the Gods

Jun 1 • 28:57

A UFO anomaly has the team investigating the ancient city of Teotihuacan and a stunning discovery about the Bogies could change everything....

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