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From Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, this is Contest of Challengers, a podcast about the business of running a comics shop. From publishers to distributors to the sales floor itself, each episode deals with the issues of the week and how they affect the way Challengers conductsRead more

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Space is Flexible

Nov 29 • 01:05:45

Space is Flexible •It’s “Old Wound” Friday! •Rule #1 of Challengers was in FULL EFFECT lately. •It’s a MASSIVE week for both Marvel and DC and both of those deliveries arrived today. •Decorating for Christmas. •Reporting the full number of packing/shipping damages from PRH just isn’t worth it. •How we can keep the same amount of graphic novel shelf space with so many new g...

The Vocal 5%

Nov 22 • 01:02:02

•The evolution of Pullbox (a precursor to its impending death). •Creating items in Manage Comics. •It’s been a rough week for the comics industry but a VERY rough week for justice. •Putting in the FINAL order numbers for X Lives of Wolverine #1 BEFORE initial orders have been placed. Wait, what?? •Nightwing #87 is going to be amazing!! •The vocal 5%. •The Wolf Maria stoppe...


Nov 15 • 01:02:24

Ransomware No wrestling toys were bought during the recording of this episode.(That is a lie) •Invoicing inconstancies between the various comic publishers. •A ransomware attack on Diamond Comic Distributors and how it affected EVERYONE in comics retail. •The complete lack of 1st pressings of the What’s the Furthest Place From Here 7” vinyl editions. •Adding invoicing to o...


Nov 8 • 01:11:48

“Gentrifiers!!” Not subscribing people to Soul Plumber. We do not want to hang your flyer. Prepare for new in-store signage! Giving our gaming section a facelift. The different types of comic book buyers. Upcoming Image releases. So very many annuals on DC’s Final Order Cutoff list this week. Thanks again to Markisan Naso (“By The Horns”, “Voracious”) for this episode’s se...

A Basic Level of Competence

Oct 31 • 01:12:06

"A Basic Level of Competence" •Ordering comics for Local Comic Shop Day. •Marvel Legends restock. •Data conversion for Shopify from ComicSuite. •Tuesday’s massive delivery. •Patrick got to unpack a Penguin Random House Marvel shipment. •New books we’ve read: Radio Apocalypse #1 and Robins #1. •Generating excitement for what has yet to come out. Huge thanks to Markisan Naso...

Cary Pieces of $#!T

Oct 25 • 01:15:38

"Cary Pieces of $#!T" Adventures at FedEx Office. Some people who want to buy Pokemon cards are really great people. Others, however… Week 2 of not being allowed to sell certain Image titles. Some retailers give us all a bad rep. No 2nd Prints for Image Comics moving forward. 3 days between initial orders and final order cutoffs seems to defeat the purpose. Upcoming comics...

Thirsty For Them Robins

Oct 18 • 01:04:04

"Thirsty For Them Robins" •Pokemon Celebrations allocations were so steep we didn’t even have a chance to order. •Ch-ch-ch-change… as in coins. •Social content and platforms that just aren’t for us. •New DC books for January. •An impromptu skip week for Image Comics. •ComicSuite seems to break more each week, and ordering DC books for December is currently a nightmare. •Ma...

Don’t Make Us Choose Between Your Money and Satan

Oct 11 • 01:15:51

"Don’t Make Us Choose Between Your Money and Satan" Wait… ARE we devil worshipers?? A full week of Molly Jane Challenger! And she did…? This store is for the young at heart. The first experience receiving Marvel Comics from Penguin Random House. It was…? Marvel has changed their Final Order Cutoff lead time. Getting Challengers to be what we hoped it could be. Working with...

Generally Managing

Oct 3 • 01:27:54

Multiples of the Normal Cost

Sep 27 • 01:04:41

"Multiples of the Normal Cost" Please wear your mask over your mouth AND nose. Patreon Free Comic Book Day questions (answered 1 month late). DC, Lunar AND FedEx all have the potential to upset our weekly DC receiving schedule. KickStarter survey woes. Diamond’s Retailer Best Practice Awards are back for 2021. Dal really like CRIMSON CAGE #1! Dal also read some other yet-t...

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