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Consider Before Consuming

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Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful. Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in theRead more

Popular episodes

Jennifer Nielson: Child Sexual Abuse Survivor & CEO of The Dig

Nov 24 • 35:10

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses child sexual abuse and suicide ideation. Listener discretion is advised....

Drew Boa: Recovered Compulsive Porn Consumer, Author, & Founder of Husband Material

Nov 10 • 51:40

Deanna Lynn: Author & Former Porn Performer

Oct 27 • 01:06:12

Trigger Warning: This discussion includes explicit discussions of sex acts, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, eating disorders, suicide ideation, and drug use that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised....

Ashlynn Mitchell: Betrayal Trauma Coach & Advocate

Oct 13 • 38:18

Trigger Warning: This discussion includes descriptions of suicide ideation that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised....

Kristi Wells: CEO & Co-Founder of Safe House Project

Sep 29 • 43:44

In this episode of Consider Before Consuming, we talk with Kristi Wells, the CEO and Co-Founder of Safe House Project, an organization with the mission to end domestic child sex trafficking through education, survivor empowerment, and safe housing. They hope to increase victim identification, provide emergency services to survivors, and empower survivors to a path to freed...

Katelyn: Recovering Compulsive Porn Consumer

Sep 15 • 28:20

Trigger Warning: This discussion includes descriptions of abuse and suicidal ideation that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised....

Alan Smyth: Executive Director of Saving Innocence & Anti-Trafficking Advocate

Sep 1 • 36:48

Saving Innocence was founded in 2010 with a mission to help serve, empower, and advocate for child victims of sex trafficking. In this episode, podcast host Garrett Jonsson sits down with Executive Director Alan Smyth to discuss the work Saving Innocence has done to help over 2,000 victims of child sex trafficking. Also, learn more about how anyone can tangibly help to dec...

Christian: Recovering Porn Addict & Founder of 1924us

Aug 18 • 59:32

This episode is with Christian, the founder of a branding agency called 1924us. As a recovering porn addict, Christian uses his platform to speak on the issue of pornography through eye-catching designs and sharing his own experiences. Listen to Christian talk with podcast host Garrett Jonsson about the role being sexually abused as a child played in his struggle with porn...

Matthias J. Barker: Licensed Therapist & Public Figure

Aug 4 • 01:17:06

This episode is with well-known TikTok personality and psychotherapist Matthias J. Barker. As a licensed therapist, Matthias focuses on helping people overcome childhood trauma and marital issues and helping people move towards what’s meaningful in the midst of hardship. In this episode, listen to Matthias talk to podcast host, Garrett Jonsson, about the issue of shame whe...

Phillip Martin: Investigative Reporter & Award-Winning Journalist

Jul 21 • 34:26

Trigger Warning: This discussion includes frank, explicit, discussions of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and pornographic content that may be triggering to some. Listener discretion is advised....

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