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A podcast by coders for coders about all aspects of life as a developer.

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Enneagram Wrap Up

Nov 25 • 57:48

While you don’t want to be too quick to categorize someone, categorization does serve a purpose. It gives you a mental model for dealing with situations, and mental models can be very helpful once their accuracy is sufficiently tuned by real world experience. However, mental models that are just learned from a book can be very risky. Because no idea you get from a book is ...

Risks of Older Code

Nov 18 • 55:58

Old technology runs the world. No matter how much you’ve kept up on newer technology, you’ll find some seriously deprecated stuff floating around out there. Many times, especially earlier in your career before your hourly rates are too high, management will try to convince you to work on “legacy technology”. Sometimes the technology has some good points. While we’re not in...

Essentials of Debugging

Nov 11 • 56:01

Debugging is an essential part of software development. No matter how great of a developer, or how meticulous you code, you will run into time where your code doesn’t do what it is expected to do. Sometimes this is an error in the actual code, other times it may be an unexpected interaction that your code has with the rest of the system...

Fixing Your Work Life Balance

Nov 4 • 59:26

Being a workaholic is one thing (and over-diagnosed by internet “bro science” experts, but whatever), but work/life is something that many people struggle with. We value our work and we often enjoy it. Furthermore, we often feel a sense of loyalty to our teammates. We also are often concerned that if we don’t work more than expected, that we’ll be first on the chopping blo...

Web Hooks

Oct 28 • 53:23

The term webhook is an extension of the term hook, altering the behavior of a system, first used by Jeff Lindsay in 2007. Webhooks are user defined callbacks that allow for the alteration of data or behavior of a website through a third party application. They are typically not built or maintained by the developers who are using them so they have to be able to interact wit...

Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

Oct 21 • 01:02:03

The Enneagram of Personality, or just the Enneagram, is a representation of personalities using a geometric figure, also called an enneagram (little e), to express nine interconnected personality types. While each type is unique it is related to other types through the circle connecting the type to each of it’s wings and the lines or arrows in the center connecting the typ...

Mid Level Developer Mistakes

Oct 14 • 59:03

It’s fun being a mid-level developer. You probably still enjoy writing code (this is true of seniors too, but it’s a different thing at this level). Everything is still fairly new and you haven’t seen the same old crap over and over again for years. Further, there is still more stuff to learn. And once you have the basics down, the whole world of development really opens u...

Increase Your Drive

Oct 7 • 50:01

Many people use the terms motivation and drive interchangeably. While they are very similar they do actually mean two different things. The dictionary defines motivation as a “general desire or willingness” whereas drive is defined as an innate urge to meet a need. There are two types of motivation extrinsic and intrinsic, drive falls into the latter category....

Temporary Applications

Sep 30 • 54:41

We’ve all been there. Your boss tells you to write a “quick and dirty script” to move some data over from another system, help onboard a client who has an unusual setup, or simply process some records that have something wrong with them (often from another one-off script that someone else wrote a while back). You could just write the quick and dirty code and go on with lif...

Database Network Performance

Sep 23 • 49:36

Database performance issues are the scourge of any large application, especially as load increases. They can be hard to understand, happen at times that aren’t particularly predictable, and difficult to replicate in a development or QA environment. This can make them very difficult to mitigate. The problem is compounded by the fact that many database performance issues are...

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