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This podcast talks about Apple App Development with a focus on Swift. It also discusses the life, skills, and challenge of being a developer in today's World. Also, tomorrow when the crystal ball is working right.

Popular episodes

Back in the Pod seat with MacBook Pro 14 Experiences

Nov 28 • 07:16

WatchOS 8.1.1, Dev Machine Set Up, Server-Events, Memory Leaks, and Git Linting

Nov 21 • 07:16

News updates and packages

Nov 3 • 07:42

Create a macOS Monterey USB Installer

Oct 25 • 03:58

With macOS Monterey now hitting the updates on our machines it is time to think about updating that USB-based installer to save time in the future. In this episode I explain the simple steps to create one, I also suggest you go to the blog post below to see the terminal command....

Apple MacBook Pro Event, Trick or Treat?

Oct 18 • 10:54

Swift packages and tools to improve productivity

Oct 14 • 09:19

In this episode, I came across a few more useful tools and Swift libraries this week that I think will benefit your workflows and make coding a little easier....

Cool Swift Packages, Xcode 13, My *15 OS thoughts

Oct 1 • 11:45

Apple Sept. 14th Event Details

Sep 14 • 09:35

Users care about experience not technology

Sep 1 • 08:51

I know how we love to talk about cool technologies and how we solve complicated problems. Those are things we as developers and makers are interested in hearing about. But your user doesn't care about them, so stop telling them about it....

Let's talk about version numbers

Aug 19 • 07:55

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