Community Stories

Mohammed Rafy

Community Stories is brought to you by Uncommunity. We sit with community builders, creators and hear the backstory on building thriving Internet communities. Building thriving communities take incredible efforts and everyone has great story on how did they start their journey.
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Best Episodes

KP, Founder of and now Program Director at On Deck | Building Audience on the Internet & Building Communities

Nov 27, 2020

"Don't be desperate to start community."



In this episode, KP shares the story on building the leverage on the internet by building multiple products and creating Cuppa: a 1-1 virtual coffee platform with talent sourced from Twitter. He is currently working as a Program Director at On Deck.    Link to Cuppa Link to KP's Twitter Link to OnRead more

John, Founder of Yen and creator of YEN.FM - daily digest exploring community-centric world

Jan 2, 2021

"Audience of One. Don't do it for others. Do it for yourself."



In this episode, John talks about building communities, newsletters and how all that he does like sending a daily newsletter, engaging with the audience on Twitter, engaging with a community on Indie Hackers is intentional and aligned with his business objectives. He explores the topic of creatingRead more

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0-100 events in 14 months - Building The Product Folks Community

Nov 14, 2020

"Community building strategies. What's yours?"


In this pilot episode, Rafy speaks with Suhas to learn more about how Suhas and his team built The Product Folks community from scratch. After 14 months of hard work and consistency, they have been able to get product managers and founders from Airbnb, Stripe, Superhuman to speak in their onlineRead more

Building B2B branded communites and creating content with Tara Hunt of Phlywheel

Nov 15, 2020

"Audience and community feed each other. Build both."


In this episode, Tara talks about brands building communities, the intersection between marketing and communities.    About Phlywheel - Phlywheel was founded by Toronto-based strategic marketing firm, Truly Inc. Truly is an award-winning firm that has worked with Nokia,, CAMSO,Read more
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