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Hello beautiful people! Welcome to Food & Wine Pro's weekly Communal Table podcast. Chefs and restaurant workers take great care of everyone else, but often they need a little help themselves. Each week, Food & Wine’s senior editor Kat Kinsman talks with hospitality pros about how they manage theirRead more

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Nigella Lawson Talks Solitude, Imperfect Housekeeping, Squishy White Bread, and Listening to Your Food

Apr 17 • 01:29:03

Like many of us, Nigella Lawson has spent the last 13 months hunkered at home, in an endless cycle of cooking, eating, washing up (reluctantly), and doing it all again just hours later. Unlike the rest of us, she's adapted her practices into a glorious cookbook—called Cook, Eat, Repeat—that celebrates and elevates this cycle into something contemplative and pleasurable. Th...

Preeti Mistry Is Hanging Out with Puppets, Planning a More Inclusive Food Future

Apr 15 • 01:54:51

We're living in a golden age of Preeti Mistry and the world is so much more delicious for it. The Juhu Beach Club chef, cookbook author, speaker, and podcaster (among other things) can currently be seen teaching kids and puppets alike about the marvelous universe of herbs and spices on the Netflix show Waffles and Mochi; heard on their new podcast Loading Dock Talks in con...

Sam Fore Talks Feeding Restaurant Workers in Need, Therapy, and Tomato Pie

Apr 2 • 01:10:48

When chef Sam Fore sees something she can fix, she jumps in to help. As the restaurant industry was devastated by COVID-19, she joined The LEE Initiative to help make sure that workers were being fed—and help create a system where the whole community could benefit in the long term. That's just who she is as a person, but it wasn't until recently that she offered that kind ...

Sam Fore Will Not Stay Silent, and That's a Very Good Thing

Mar 19 • 56:56

When it comes to calling out cruddy behavior, chef Sam Fore has never been afraid to speak her mind. Growing up as a first-generation Sri Lankan American in North Carolina, she had a supportive community (and a mom who always warned her about how her mouth would get her in trouble—not that she listened) but outside of it, she began to question why the rules and standards w...

Pinky Cole Talks About Entrepreneurship, Intentions, and Setting People Up for Success

Mar 12 • 01:01:58

Pinky Cole has always known that she would lead an extraordinary life. As a girl growing up in East Baltimore, she wasn't sure what form that would take, but when her friends were outside playing, she was setting goals for herself, like "earn my first million by age 30." Which she did. Next goal—a billion by 40. She's got time. The restaurateur and philanthropist joined Co...

Adrian Lipscombe Talks Black Land Ownership, Texas Tribulations, and Studying Sake

Mar 5 • 01:21:55

When city planner and architect Adrian Lipscombe visited a cafe in La Crosse, Wisconsin for a business meeting, little did she know she'd end up moving her family up all the way from Austin, Texas, running the cafe herself, and revitalizing a whole section of the city. And if running a restaurant during a pandemic isn't a full-time-plus job, Lipscombe also developed an ini...

Matt Jennings Talks Sobriety, Pivots, Flextaurants, and How Chefs Can Evolve

Feb 26 • 01:17:56

The day Matt Jennings woke up on his bathroom floor, he knew something had to change, or else he'd die. Five years later, the chef and cookbook author is sober, happy, healthy, and on a mission to help other people in the industry find their way forward—even if it looks nothing like they'd imagined. Jennings joined Communal Table to talk about the obsessions that drove him...

Vinny Eng Talks Mutual Aid, Empathy, and the Art of Hugging Trees

Feb 20 • 01:34:12

The day after Vinny Eng was named as one of Food & Wine's 2019 Somms of the Year, he said his thank yous for the accolade, then promptly announced that he was stepping away from the industry for a while to work on a political campaign. For those who know Vinny, this wasn't a surprise, because the industry veteran has always made it his business to act with intention, infus...

Anita Lo Talks Solo Cooking, Throwing Butter, and Constant Reinvention

Feb 11 • 01:00:35

Little did she know at the time she was writing it, but Anita Lo's Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One became, for many, the ideal guide for this time in history. The 2001 Food & Wine Best New Chef and much-lauded chef, author, and TV personality joined Communal Table from her home on Long Island to talk about the ever-changing role of chefs, cooking for pleasure, c...

Claudette Zepeda Talks Cutting Through White Noise and Becoming the Leader She Needed to See

Feb 5 • 01:16:01

When Claudette Zepeda was at her most stressed-out, as she puts it, "my neck went away." Her shoulders were in a permanent state of hunch and she'd been advised at a new job to bring her "knives and anti-anxiety medication." But she learned along the way to advocate for herself, for people who'd always been marginalized in the world of food, and for the Mexican dishes that...

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