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Commercial Property Investor Podcast

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The Commercial Property Investor Podcast hosted by Jerry Alexander. No nonsense discussion and insight into entering the exciting world of commercial real estate investment.

Popular episodes

94 - 16 Ways on How to Add Value to Commercial Property

Nov 25 • 26:48

Jerry covers 16 ways to influence the value of commercial assets via means of increasing the overall rental income and the ability to redefine the offer....

93 - 10 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated & Get Things Done

Nov 18 • 19:48

Jerry shares 10 tips on how to keep yourself motivated in the world of commercial property. It can be difficult to keep motivated when you are starting out in commercial property investing particularly when it seems nobody is interested in working with us. Sometimes it seems nobody wants to sell anything or at the very least there is lots going on that you can’t see. This ...

92 - 6 Vital Questions to ask prospects on every Viewing

Nov 11 • 21:57

Jerry shares 6 vital questions on a viewing with a prospective work space customer. What seems like a simple process can have more complex aspects which are often overlooked. It takes time, experimentation with real live prospects and failures & successes to really work out what works best for you....

91 - The Retail & the Charity Sector. A conversation with Jay Hogarty

Nov 4 • 32:53

Jerry chats with Jay Hogarty about his experiences of the charity sector within Retail markets, on finding opportunities and making them happen when others can't see the value add....

90 - CMO Licensed vs. Traditional Leased Space

Oct 28 • 24:23

89 - Law of Averages vs. Absolutes in Commercial Property Investing

Oct 21 • 24:47

In this episode Jerry talks about the 4 ways you can invest in Commercial Property. Whatever way you want to invest there is a big difference of being on the institutional side of investing or as a private investor....

88 - CMO & HMO Heaven with Nicky and Stephanie Taylor

Oct 14 • 50:59

Jerry discusses the journey of HMO experts with business partners Nicky & Stephanie Taylor and their current Commercial Property Conversion....

87 - What to do if your offer is accepted?

Oct 7 • 26:22

We are taught to put in lots of offers on buildings and to continue seeking out more deals. That is the theory of the numbers game, eventually someone is going to say yes. ...

86 - Financial independence from Commercial Property

Sep 30 • 24:17

Learn how Commercial property can set you free. Jerry details the 3 stages he experienced whilst seeking financial independence through Commercial Property....

85 - SSAS Pension Q&A Mastermind session

Sep 23 • 52:44

SSAS is a very interesting tax efficient way to finance commercial property. At the request of our current CPI Mastermind program we recently ran an online Q&A session about SSAS pensions and their use for commercial property investments. We recorded the session so you now have a chance to listen in....

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