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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

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Bad Prosecutors, Bad Laws, Bad Anti-Patriots

Nov 24 • 01:06:48

American Adhocracy

Nov 23 • 56:06

Trashing the Jury System

Nov 22 • 01:00:35

The Book of David

Nov 19 • 01:13:28

What Have We Voted Ourselves?

Nov 18 • 35:36
Did Paul Gosar deserve to be censured for tweeting out an anime video that appeared to threaten his colleagues? Does Lauren Boebert have a point about Eric Swalwell “sleeping with the enemy?” Did Ilhan Omar go too far with her semi-literate attack on Boebert? Or have we just elected ourselves a nightmarish reality show with no redeeming value? Also, an update on the Kyle R...

Where is Biden on COVID?

Nov 17 • 01:12:31
Yuval Levin joins the podcast today as we mark the fact that 70 percent of the population of the United States 12 and over is fully vaccinated—a point when we were told we would reach herd immunity and see the end of the pandemic. But clearly, the powers that be won't say so—even though everything we see says Joe Biden desperately needs to claim a victory, any victory. Why...

The Media and Academia Circle the Wagons

Nov 16 • 01:05:39
Today's podcast takes up the question of what the mainstream media deem permissible and praiseworthy when it comes to political coverage—and how discipline is enforced when other media professionals don't do what the self-appointed critics and finger-waggers want them to do. Then we talk about how the same is going on, in an even more pernicious form, in academia. Give a l...

The Biden People Just Keep Getting More Bad News

Nov 15 • 01:00:34

Biden's Pincers Problem

Nov 12 • 01:10:53

Inflation, COVID, and Rittenhouse

Nov 11 • 50:11

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