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The Coming Revolt of the Vaccinated

Jul 23 • 54:38

Is Pelosi Brilliant or Blowing It?

Jul 22 • 01:01:36

Trashing the Explorers

Jul 21 • 01:06:38
Today's podcast continues our conversation from yesterday about the Jeff Bezos expedition and the hunger among elite liberals to heap scorn and derision upon it, him, and the very idea of technological progress. Why? And are there really breakthrough infections? And what can we learn from Eric Adams, NYC mayoral candidate, and his commonsensical neocon remarks? Give a list...

We Should Be Proud

Jul 20 • 01:00:25
Today's passionate podcast features praise for the American people when it comes to vaccination and serious querying why we are turning this amazing national mobilization success into a neurotic failure. And we celebrate Jeff Bezos's trip into near-space and ask again why it is that we are being told by the liberal establishment that it is a pointless and vainglorious effo...

Can the Vaccine-Hesitant Be Convinced?

Jul 19 • 01:11:40

Cuba, and Masks, and Throuples—Oh, My!

Jul 16 • 01:15:58

The Dems Are Not Playing 4-D Chess

Jul 15 • 01:02:23

It's Not Manly to Refuse the Vaccine

Jul 14 • 01:10:07

Run Away! Run Away!

Jul 13 • 57:43

Surges and Purges

Jul 12 • 01:09:05

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