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SOB: Big Gaming Signals NFTS Are Closer to Mainstream

Nov 28 • 38:26

This episode is sponsored by

BREAKDOWN: America and the Metaverse

Nov 28 • 13:24

A reading of threads from Punk 6529....

BREAKDOWN: Alyse Killeen on Why Bitcoin Was Ready for Nation-State Adoption

Nov 27 • 27:33

The bitcoin VC shares her view on the importance of 2021 to bitcoin and what comes next. ...

BREAKDOWN: Dan Held on the Mainstreaming of Bitcoin

Nov 26 • 24:21

The serial bitcoin entrepreneur argues bitcoin is changing, whether you want it to or not....

BREAKDOWN: Dylan LeClair on Bitcoin Data Where Macro Meets Micro

Nov 24 • 30:34

The on-chain analyst reveals why understanding bitcoin is a cheat code....

BREAKDOWN: What Jerome Powell’s Second Term Means for Bitcoin

Nov 23 • 15:22

The much-memed Fed chairman officially gets a second term with the Biden Administration....

BREAKDOWN: Are El Salvador’s Bitcoin “Volcano Bonds” an End Run Around the IMF?

Nov 22 • 16:48

The $1 billion bond will be tokenized and powered by Blockstream and Bitfinex. ...

BREAKDOWN: Are Stablecoins the Path to Continued Dollar Dominance?

Nov 21 • 12:52

A reading of two prescient Nic Carter essays from 2020. ...

BREAKDOWN: What Billions of Dollars in Crypto Fundraising Says About the Bull Market

Nov 20 • 12:34

If the good times are over, many have the dry powder to weather the storm....

BREAKDOWN: Did ConstitutionDAO Shift the Overton Window on What DAOs Can Accomplish?

Nov 19 • 17:04

More than 17,000 people raised over $40 million, but it wasn’t enough....

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