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Coin Bureau is your home of unbiased crypto knowledge. I’m Guy your crypto guy and I do deep dives into different crypto projects and share my latest tips and tricks. Yes, some have mistaken the smooth sounds of my British accent as that of David Attenborough. However, unlike Sir David, I don'tRead more

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The WORST Banks for Crypto!! Use These Instead!! (Ep 199)

Jul 28 • 24:42

In this episode, I explore the worst and the best banks for crypto. I kick things off by going over the recent issues Binance has been having with banks. Next, I tell you all you need to know about the least crypto-friendly banks. Then I move on banks that are crypto-friendly including Fidor Bank, Monzo, Nuri, and Revolut. Lastly, I give you a few crypto banking tips....

Crypto CRASH?!! Where Next For Bitcoin & Alts⁉ (Ep 198)

Jul 26 • 18:44

In this episode, I tell you what I think will happen next in the cryptocurrency market. First, I analyse Bitcoin price according to Wyckoff’s patterns. Next, I look at the correlation between stock and crypto markets. I also show you why what big investors are saying and doing suggests the bull run is not over. Then I explain why you should be bullish about Ethereum and, l...

Trading Bots: SCAM or Legit? What You NEED To KNOW! (Ep 197)

Jul 24 • 25:14

In this episode, I tell you everything you need to know about trading bots. First, I explain what trading bots are and how they work. Next, I go over the reasons why some crypto traders use trading bots. Then I give you my list of the best crypto trading bots. I start with Shrimpy and I move on to Kucoin’s built-in bot. I tell you about CryptoHopper and later explain why I...

10 WORST Crypto Myths!! Are you Falling for These?(Ep 195)

Jul 21 • 25:02

In this episode, I go over 10 common crypto myths. First, I explain why crypto won’t always make you rich. Next, I tell you about a few trading and leverage trading lies. I talk about the false belief that retail money can impact markets. Then I cover Bitcoin's effect on the environment and tackle Bitcoin mining centralization. If you want to know the other myths, listen t...

CBDCs Are COMING!! Could Other Cryptos Benefit?! (Ep 194)

Jul 19 • 18:02

In this episode, I tell you all you need to know about CBDC developments around the world . First, I explain what CBDCs are. Then I examine where Turkey is with its CBDC plans. Next I talk about Ukraine, South Korea, Israel, Europe, and the United States and which cryptocurrency blockchains they're using for their CBDCs. The last CBDC country I cover is China for obvious r...

Have You Seen This BIS Crypto Report?? It's CRAZY!! (Ep 193)

Jul 17 • 19:03

In this episode, I do a deep dive into the BIS crypto report. I kick things off by explaining what the BIS is and what they believe caused the 2021 Bull Run. Next, I take a look at the number of Americans holding crypto. Then I explore what the report says about trust in the current financial system. I speak about cryptocurrency awareness and ownership, hodlers, and the ge...

TOP 5 RICHEST Crypto Projects!! Strong Potential?? (Ep 192)

Jul 15 • 20:00

In this episode, I explore the top five of the most funded crypto projects. I start with explaining the criteria I used and tell you about some crypto projects which didn’t make it to the top but are still worth mentioning. Next, I go over Polkadot and Kusama. Then, I talk about Chia Network, Algorand, and Flow. Lastly, I look at Solana and share my final thoughts about wh...

TOP 5 ICOs: Highest Crypto Returns EVER Earned! (Ep 191)

Jul 14 • 19:33

In this episode, I get into top 5 highest crypto ICO returns. I kick things off by explaining how cryptocurrencies are made. Next, I tell you about BNB token and the returns it has seen. Then, I go over NEO's ICO, and  talk about how much return early investors could have received from IOTA and Ethereum. Finally, I speak about the NXT token which had the highest ICO ROI. L...

Stablecoins: Safe or a MASSIVE Crypto Risk?? (Ep 190)

Jul 10 • 23:02

In this episode, I take a look at stablecoins. First, I explain what they are. Next, I tell you all you need to know about stablecoin fears some investors have and explain if these risks are justified or not. Then I switch gears to focus on the relationship between China and Tether. I wrap things up by explaining if stablecoins can manipulate the crypto market. ...

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