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A podcast by Cognitect, Inc. about software and the people that create it. We frequently talk about Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, agile software development, distributed systems, functional programming, and lots of other wonderfully geeky things.

Popular episodes

Jordan Miller - Cognicast Episode 165

Jan 11 • 00:00

In this episode, Robert talks with Jordan Miller about Clojurescript, aerial art, creatives in clojure, and community building....

Will Byrd - Cognicast Episode 164

Dec 6 • 00:00

In this episode, Christian talks with Will Byrd about his appearance on a Japanese game show, Scheme, language dev, miniKanren, ferns, fronds, and lattices....

Sean Corfield - Cognicast Episode 163

Nov 5 • 00:00

In this episode, Ghadi talks with Sean Corfield about his journey to Clojure as a "veteran" software architect, the evolution of his career with Clojure and his involvement in the community and early adoption of Clojure alphas and being an open source maintainer....

Craig Andera - Cognicast Episode 162

Oct 7 • 00:00

In this episode, Christian talks with Craig Andera about Getting Smarter and Making Stuff, Kevel, youtube makers, flight sim tools....

Mike Fikes - Cognicast Episode 161

Aug 2 • 00:00

In this episode, Ghadi Shayban talks to Mike Fikes about his experience helping maintain ClojureScript and the reach of the language from web browsers to microcontrollers....

Jarrod Taylor - Cognicast Episode 160

Jun 8 • 00:00

In this episode, Christian talks with Jarrod Taylor about schema cartographer, datomic and clojure....

Gene Kim - Cognicast Episode 159

Apr 30 • 00:00

In this episode, we talk to Gene Kim about DevOps, Datomic and Clojure, and high performing oragnizations...

Mia - Cognicast Episode 158

Mar 30 • 01:00:57

In this episode, we talk to Mia about malware, diversity in tech, and her journey into Clojure....

Ed Wible and Justin Gehtland - Cognicast Episode 157

Feb 9 • 47:14

In this episode, Ed Wible and Justin Gehtland talk about the Nubank/Cognitect marriage and growing Clojurists and the company....

Marshall Thompson - Cognicast Episode 156

Dec 22 • 01:07:44

In this episode, we talk to Marshall Thompson about microbiology, making things and Datomic....

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