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Every episode we will be having coffee with people working in and around the Asset and Wealth Management industry to talk about various topics which are of interest to us all and explore them in conversation.The idea behind this is to share views, learnings and insights within the Asset and WealthRead more

Popular episodes

21 – Has the wave of changes passed its peak in the Investment Industry?

Nov 15 • 34:55

Some players in the Investment Management industry claim that we have now reached the bottom of the price war between active and passive funds. Others claim that besides more mergers & acquisitions; the renewed trend towards outsourcing of operations; the ongoing launch of ETF’s and other new products and share classes; the move towards wealth management, we may experience...

20 - Introducing our new podcast series: Pathways to Freedom

Oct 11 • 12:55

The title of our new series of podcast is Path to freedom: What lies ahead of us in the Wealth and Asset Management industry? Now that we are exiting lockdowns, hopefully leaving Covid behind, and partly returning to the workplace, we have lots to discuss. Listen in to find out about our new topics and episodes we'll be sharing over the coming weeks.

Luuk Jacobs, Par...

19 – Coffee With... AlgoMe Consulting - Operational Resilience special edition

Sep 8 • 21:25

This special edition podcast is a Q&A session, with AlgoMe Consulting Partners, Luuk Jacobs and Pierre-Yves Rahari, about the upcoming ‘operational resilience’ deadline. It aims to help all those who have questions, and are looking for expert guidance and insight.  ...

18 – Fintech, AI, Digital Currency and Data, Security & Privacy

Jul 28 • 28:34

In the second part of our exploration of the logistics and business operational models in the Wealth Asset Management industry, we are discussing Fintech, AI, digital currency, data, security and privacy with our guests. 

What are the recent trends? Who are the players? What are the implications from an organisational viewpoint, and also from the perspective of investors an...

17 - Operational resilience: The emergence of new models?

Jun 28 • 28:42

Operational resilience is making the headlines in the Wealth and Asset Management industry, with a strong push from the regulators across the UK and Europe. 

Against that background, how are the operating models adapting in the industry, after having been tested to the limit during the Covid-19 crisis? 
What is the implication for outsourcing, which is a prevalent model in t...

16 - Mergers & Acquisitions in Asset Management: A world of two tales?

Jun 1 • 27:47

As we continue our series of podcasts  looking at 2021 with ‘cautious optimism’, we follow-up on our previous episode about new asset classes and products by exploring further what is prompting the Wealth and Asset Management industry towards a binary model of giant vs. niche players. With our guests we discuss in depth what trends we are observing and what that means toda...

15 - New asset classes and new products: Creatively building new funding mechanisms for the economy

Apr 27 • 31:11

In this new podcast we explore how the Wealth and Asset Management industry has actively promoted the integration of private markets in the form of new asset classes and fund structures in their product range, especially in the form of cryptoassets. With our guests we discuss in depth what has prompted this trend and how they foresee it developing in the next few years - e...

14 - ESG and Sustainable Finance: Are we moving towards standardisation?

Mar 25 • 34:04

In our new podcast we look beyond the hype and take a deep dive into ESG with those in the know. The Wealth and Asset Management industry diligently integrated ESG into investment and product development processes over the past few years. Today, increasing taxonomies and regulations raises the question whether we are moving towards a standardisation of ESG? Is this practic...

13 - ESG and sustainability culture in the City – what to expect in a post-Covid and post-Brexit world?

Mar 2 • 33:47

In the first of our new podcast series, we explore ESG and sustainability in great depth with our guests. Over the last few years, in addition to creating ESG oriented products, the Wealth and Asset Management (WAM) industry has embraced a number of stakeholder inclusion measures, which made their way into the regulation: Diversity, equality, and Gender Pay Gap reporting. ...

2021: The year of "optimism with caution" in the Wealth and Asset Management industry

Feb 4 • 17:11

At the beginning of 2021, the Wealth and Asset Management industry, is like most of the planet, feeling optimistic about the prospect of moving into a post-pandemic world in the course of this year. At the same time, in a post-Brexit context, the mind of the industry is set towards further expansion, while redefining the regulatory framework in which it operates and integr...

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