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CR022/PH08 - Dallas Frazier: Can't Get There From Here

Jul 27 • 02:01:59

Some of the best songs you've ever heard were written by Dallas Frazier. Don't recognize the name? Don't worry. You'll remember it forever after this episode, especially those of you who love Charley Pride, Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, Connie Smith, Charlie Rich, George Jones, The Oak Ridge Boys, Emmylou Harris, Gene Watson, Tanya Tucker, Bobby Bare, Stoney Edwards, The B...

CR021/PH07 - Pappy Daily, Gene Pitney and How George Jones Came to Be on Musicor

Jul 13 • 02:17:27

This whole story began with a pinball machine and jukebox mogul in Texas jumping over to the independent record business of the 1950s. When he hitched his wagon to a Singing Marine who became the Greatest Country Singer Ever, it served Pappy Daily well through the following decade. Then, out of nowhere, the ride suddenly ended. "What went wrong?" is the obvious question to...

CR020/PH06 - All to Pieces: George Jones, Phase II

Jun 29 • 01:41:33

CR019/PH05 - Wandering Soul: George Jones, Starday Recording Artist

Jun 15 • 01:31:51

There are some personalities who would embrace being called The Greatest Country Singer Ever or, at least, settle into the role once it became clear the brand was eternal. George Jones did not have one of those personalities. The fame and fortune generated by his talent made him want to run away, so he spent decades running... toward something even worse than what he was t...

CR018/PH04 - White Lightning

Jun 1 • 01:40:37

In North Carolina, way back in the hills, there's a centuries-old tradition of cooking illegal liquor. Whether you feel that's right or wrong, good or bad, may be determined by any number of factors but the objective truth is moonshine whiskey greatly impacted the course of United States culture on several occasions. Ever wonder why so many people will never trust the gove...

CR017/PH03 - The Nashville A Team

May 18 • 02:18:05

Now that we've established Owen Bradley as the single most important producer in the history of Nashville, let's take it further and acknowledge he's one of the most important figures in the history of all recorded music, even if for no other reason than assembling the first group of musicians to become known as the Nashville A-Team. Were we to erase their work from existe...

CR016/PH02 – Owen Bradley's Nashville Sound

May 4 • 02:18:43

What if the first serious books about country music contained a few massive errors which were then repeated by nearly everyone who's since used those books as a source? How long do you think it would take for society to build a fundamentally flawed history of an entire genre on top of such a foundation? Fifty years? Well, that's exactly what happened......

CR015/PH01 - Starday Records: The Anti-Nashville Sound

Apr 20 • 02:13:15

The story of a little independent record label in Texas becoming "a force" in the Nashville country music industry brings an outsider's perspective to the anatomy of a machine. Going from backwoods honky tonks and roadhouse jukeboxes to stretch limos and private planes takes a lot of crooked deals and shameless hustle. When confronted by a powerful enemy, you'll do whateve...

Season 2 Announcement

Apr 7 • 02:04

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