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Software Engineering at Google with Titus Winters

Nov 20 • 45:34

Thanks to the amazing books, blogs, videos, quickstarts, frameworks, and other software-related resources, getting started as a software engineer is easier than ever.  Although you can get started in a day, it can take years to become a master of the craft and most practitioners describe it as a profession of lifelong learning.

Titus Winters is a Senior Staff Software Engin...

Yotascale with Jake Reichert

Nov 16 • 01:00:45

Modern businesses run on the cloud and increasingly so they run on multi-cloud infrastructure.  As any growing company can tell you, cloud costs can easily run far out of control.  Today’s enterprises are trying to deliver new products and services at a fast pace.  That needs to be done in a cost-effective, ideally cloud-agnostic way.

In this interview, I speak with Jake Re...

#FREEZUCK | ?masked…?… !(DOCTORS)!!

Nov 10 • 02:45

Remote Development in the Cloud with Gitpod & OpenVSCode Server with Sven Efftinge

Oct 27 • 44:51

One of the most painful parts of getting started on a new development team is getting one’s environment set up.  Whether it’s undocumented steps, overly complex setups, or simply the challenges of understanding how the pieces fit together, getting a dev environment up often feels like a chore to be suffered through in order to do what I want: contribute to the codebase.


Developer Relations at Google with Luke Mahe

Oct 18 • 40:28

The last 15 years have seen the emergence of cloud-based developer APIs and services as dominant components of the developer toolchain. As a result, there has never been more power at developers’ fingertips. But making that power usable and accessible is a challenge that is shared between the providers and the consumers of these services.

Google’s Developer Relations team h...

Darklang Deployless Applications with Paul Biggar

Sep 27 • 39:54

The way we write, compile, and run software has continued to evolve since computer programming began.  The cloud, serverless, no-code, and CI/CD are all contemporary ideas introduced to help software engineers spend more time on their application and less time on the chores of running it. 

Darklang is a new way of building serverless backends.  It’s a cloud native programmi...

Tetrate: Application Aware Networking with Varun Talwar

Sep 10 • 50:31

An application network is a way to connect applications, data and devices through APIs that expose some or all of their assets and data on the network. That network allows other consumers from other parts of the business to come in and discover and use those assets (

The company Tetrate provides the tools necessary for a highly efficient application (aware) ne...

ClickUp: Workflow Vision with Zeb Evans

Aug 31 • 40:56

Whether organizing projects, working from home, or conducting business, you need to use many necessary apps and cloud services to do the job. Despite these apps being necessary, switching between them and keeping them interconnected and updated is a challenge. They very easily become disorganized which makes using them less efficient.

The company ClickUp solves this problem...

Argo: Kubernetes-Native Tools with Alex Collins

Aug 30 • 52:38

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration service released by Google in 2014. It has quickly grown into a platform with a huge community of enthusiasts and professionals. Besides becoming the de facto standard for container orchestration, it has fostered an ecosystem of related tools and services with increasing power and sophistication (

Argo, a ... Pay-As-You-Go Pricing with Akash Khanolkar

Aug 17 • 01:16:32

Pay-as-you-go pricing has become a strong selling point for modern SaaS companies as well as cloud-based companies. Public cloud providers, for example, typically only charge you for only what you use. But implementing this option is challenging because it requires advanced platform analytics.

The company Octane is a drop-in metered billing system that gives you flexibility...

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