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Host Amanda (with the help of her friends) decodes and demystifies the fashion and retail industries, and takes on topics like consumerism, workers rights, personal style, and why fashion is a case study in capitalism gone awry. Your money is as powerful as your vote! "If you wear clothes, youRead more

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Episode 108: Doing Business In A Better Way with Rachel of Cara Cara

Nov 28 • 02:07:45

Rachel, the CEO/founder of Cara Cara, is here to explain how her brand is different from other off-price businesses (and doing things a lot better), the impact of super fast/super cheap fashion like Shein on the off-price industry as a whole,  and how surviving #girlboss made her a better leader.  Also, Jessamy of High Energy Vintage shares her #slowgifting tradition from ...

Episode 107: Creating Is Self Care, featuring Kathleen of Republica Unicornia

Nov 21 • 02:09:37

Kathleen--the owner and yarn wench behind Republica Unicornia--joins us to talk about the therapeutic benefits of crafting, the fight for progress over perfection, and how we can rein in our natural desire to hoard craft supplies.  Amanda shares her own experience with creating as a means of coping with grief.  And we hear small business audio essays from Rachel of Frayed ...

Episode 106: Shoes Are So Complicated, with Harmony of Alterre Shoes

Nov 14 • 02:03:00

Shoes are *so* complicated: They are expensive to make. The industry is old and stuck in its ways. And it’s really difficult to make shoes sustainably, especially for a small business. Today Harmony of Alterre Shoes explains the challenges she has faced creating better, more ethical shoes. And Kristen of Sex Ed Talk shares her audio essay about starting a micro-publishing ...

Episode 105: Obsessing Over Vintage with Liisa of the Gem App

Nov 7 • 01:16:39

Liisa Jokinen is not only a street style photographer, she's also the founder of the Gem app, a search engine for vintage shopping. We’ll be talking about how Gem works, why Liisa loves vintage, and she’ll debunk some of  the myths around vintage and secondhand clothing. Also: listener Anni calls in with a story about her dad and his compassion for others. And Amanda talks...

Episode 104: A Hard Pass on the Humping Dog (Slow Gifting with Dani of Picnicwear)

Oct 31 • 01:35:36

Dani of Picnicwear is back to start a #SlowGifting revolution. We'll be explaining the importance of shopping small, sharing some of our favorite secondhand gift ideas, and discussing ways we can give gifts in a more thoughtful, intentional way....

Episode 103: This Is A Bad System, with Aja Barber (part 2)

Oct 24 • 01:37:31

In part two of two of our conversation with Aja Barber, we talk about better gifting practices, workplace PTSD, and so much more!
Check out Aja's book Consumed: The Need for Collective Change: Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism.
And support Aja's work via Patreon:

Episode 102: This Is A Bad System, with Aja Barber (part 1)

Oct 17 • 01:39:44

"I want people to understand that this is a bad system."
Aja Barber is here to tell you why it's time to stop giving your hard-earned money to fast fashion billionaires. There's no way you won't be revved and and ready to change the world after hearing Aja's thoughts and expertise!  This is part one of two of our conversation....

Episode 101: Let's Talk About Money (with Maria Dowd)

Oct 10 • 02:02:15

They say money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy housing, food, healthcare, and lots of other things.  And while school and pop culture/media have prepared us to be good workers and consumers, we haven't been taught very much about how to protect ourselves financially.  Maria shares her expertise and thoughts around consumerism, creating intergenerational wealth, and...

Episode 100!!! Amanda + Meredith Save Halloween

Oct 3 • 02:12:27

For the 100th episode, Amanda and special guest/CH All-Star Meredith tackle a subject near and dear: saving Halloween! Halloween is one of the best times of the year, but it's on the verge of being ruined by big business and throwaway culture. Learn the haunting stories of Spirit of Halloween and Party City! Hear chilling statistics about the waste and overconsumption asso...

Episode 99: Nothing is Disposable, part III (with Chloe and Sammy of the OR Foundation)

Sep 26 • 01:42:42

In the final installment of a three part series, Chloe and Sammy of the OR Foundation continue our exploration of the repercussions of our overconsumption on Ghana, its people, and our entire planet.  Both of them are fashion designers--in addition to their work with the OR Foundation in Ghana--and they will explain how experiencing fast fashion's impact on the people of A...

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