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Host Amanda (with the help of her friends) decodes and demystifies the fashion and retail industries, and takes on topics like consumerism, workers rights, personal style, and why fashion is a case study in capitalism gone awry. Your money is as powerful as your vote! "If you wear clothes, youRead more

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Episode 89: Meet Jade of Fashion Without Trashin (part II)

Jul 25 • 01:56:16

Jade of Fashion Without Trashin is back! And we're going to talk about some of the big players in the world of secondhand clothing:  Goodwill and thredUP (among many other topics).   Amanda breaks down Goodwill's history of paying workers with disabilities less than minimum wage, how thredUP made $128 million in profit in 2020, and the shocking revelation that a lot of thr...

Episode 88: Meet Jade of Fashion Without Trashin (part I)

Jul 21 • 01:43:45

Jade of Fashion Without Trashin has been selling secondhand clothing for a loooooong time. Today Jade will share her journey as a reseller: from Ebay to Poshmark to literally opening her own store. She has a ton of expertise to share! By the time you finish this episode, you will know more than ever that selling secondhand is hard work, it’s skilled work, and it's worth pa...

Patreon Exclusive Sneak Peek! Sugary Cereal, Smurfs, and Intense Longing: The True Story of Cabbage Patch Kids

Jul 11 • 01:26:09

Another sample of the exclusive episodes you can access by becoming a supporter via Patreon!
Join me for a stroll down memory lane as I dig into the true (mostly hidden) story of the Cabbage Patch Kids.  We'll stop along the way to reminisce about cereal, cartoons, and Jem....

Episode 87: I Promise That Shipping Is Never Free (featuring Bethany)

Jul 7 • 01:40:11

One of our favorite myths to debunk around here is the idea of free shipping. Trucking industry expert (and very stylish person) Bethany is going to help us break down all the people and money involved in getting stuff to stores, to warehouses, and to us.  And while trucking might seem invisible to us as we’re curled up on the couch about to check out our shopping cart...t...

Episode 83: Back to Work (Layoffs, CEO Pay, and Chipotle, featuring Meredith)

Jun 16 • 01:21:10

Meredith returns to talk about layoffs in the fashion industry...which it turns out are a lot more common than you might think! And she asks the question "what’s the best way to conduct a mass layoff?" We couldn't answer it, but we would love to hear your opinion on it! ...

Episode 82: Prank Gum, Lava Lamps, and Sex Dice: The Story of Spencer Gifts, featuring Meredith

Jun 13 • 02:03:42

Meredith drops in to get to the bottom of mall staple Spencer Gifts (aka Spencer's).  Where did it come from?  How does it stay in business in an era when we can find anything we want on the internet? And what does its existence say about us?  We will dig into the history of the brand, all of its controversies, and what the brand is selling and doing now.  ...

Episode 81: Weird Salads, Tony Danza, and A Dissection of Crocs As a Social Trend (featuring Jess)

Jun 6 • 01:57:22

This conversation with Jess (@jesinspace) is the perfect combination of #LaborMonth and #PersonalStyleMonth (which we are observing over at She has had approximately 9-1000 different jobs and she's learned/observed a lot along the way! And now she is a content creator in the plus size style space. She has a lot to tell us about work, the fashion indust...

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