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Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out

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Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and can prevent you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental & physical and provide tips for decluttering your life, home organizing and how to organize your life. We'reRead more

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Stress Management Tips: How Can I Reduce My Stress?

Nov 30 • 29:05

Do you feel like you roll from one crisis to the next? Are you often harried, never slowing down, or overwhelmed? Have you found yourself trying to get off the roller coaster of life but haven’t figured out how? Learn about reducing your stress....

How Can I Learn to Rest & Relax More?

Nov 16 • 24:11

How much time do you get to actually rest? Are you challenged to relax and unwind? Do you always seem to be go go go ing? Learn how to rest and relax more....

How Can I Stop Feeling Like an Imposter?

Nov 2 • 32:19

Are you doubting your abilities even though you’ve been trained and know you can do the job? Do you feel like a fraud or phony at work or at home? Is that little voice in the back of your head whispering why you can’t do it? Learn about kicking imposter syndrome to the curb....

Everything is Energy

Oct 26 • 39:53
How does your personal space feel most of the time? What are some of the ways you can clear your space?  How does not cleaning your energy affect you? Learn about space and personal clearing.   Chris' podcast:   Nothing Left to Give:     To learn how Julie can support you: https://reawakeny...

Love, Light, Empowerment & Decluttering Life

Oct 16 • 50:07
What are strategies and daily steps for clearing clutter in your life? Are you aware of why end-of-life organizing is important? How is forgiving and not forgiving creating clutter for you?  Learn how to declutter your life.   For more information on Dr. Jean Marie Farish:

Creating a Welcoming Work Space

Oct 5 • 30:49
Are you still working from home full time, or on a limited basis, and trying to keep your office space organized?  Do you need some help with email or your to-do list?  What one thing do you need to do when you’re working from home? Learn about how to create a peaceful office space.   For Chris' new podcast:    Nothing L...

How to Stop Wanting Revenge

Sep 28 • 26:21

Do you become incensed at injustice and need payback? Have your thoughts been filled with how to get even? Are you concerned that you may act out, or stay stuck, when you’ve been wronged? Learn how to desire revenge less....

How to Stop Playing the Victim

Sep 14 • 32:11

How completely are you able to forgive? Are you aware of how much of your life you’re really taking responsibility for? Where in your life do you still feel like a victim? Learn about radical forgiveness and how to stop playing the victim....

What Does God Say About Clutter?

Aug 31 • 29:22

Do you know why you accumulate clutter? Are you aware of what it means to declutter your spiritual life? What does God say about clutter? Learn about letting go of spiritual clutter....

What Does Your Clutter Say About You?

Aug 17 • 16:49

Do you wonder how clutter affects your brain? Are you aware of what your clutter says about you? How can decluttering your space make you healthier and happier? Learn how to declutter your life....

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