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I know some of the most interesting and inspiring people who are helping to keep humanity afloat in their own unique ways, in the middle of a world health crisis. I want you to meet them too. First, as humans. Second, as experts in their field. To hear their stories of overcoming their personalRead more

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"Healing is Holding and Being Held" with Molly Boeder Harris

Mar 15 • 45:04

***Trigger warning for this episode - we discuss sensitive topics including sexual assault and violence.
In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Molly Boeder Harris about her work and her journey with the Breathe Network and her own experiencing recovering from sexual assault. The Breathe Network connects survivors of sexual trauma with sliding-scale, trauma-in...

Decolonizing Wellness and Embracing Empowerment for Change with Rebeckah Price

Feb 22 • 01:08:23

In this episode, I had the honour of speaking with Rebeckah Price about the powerful work she has been leading for many years to reshape and decolonize wellness. She discusses what it actually means to create real systematic change in the health and wellness community for BIPOC and other marginalized communities, given the inherit inequities that exist in the wellness indu...

'Process Not Perfection' in Complex Trauma and Addiction Recovery with Dr. Jamie Marich

Feb 8 • 44:32

In this episode, I had the honour to speak with Dr. Jamie Marich about ongoing and ever changing trauma and addiction recovery. Two of the things she said resonates so deeply for me:

"When I look at change, so much about it is in the healing power of consistency and I think that's fundamentally good for people who have survived complex trauma." 
"We may have parts and asp...

Facing our fear of death to live in our truth with Trace Barbour Aguila

Jan 28 • 47:08

In this episode, I had a truly amazing conversation with Trace Barbour Aguila. I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity to speak with them and take in some of their wisdom. We discuss what death means in our modern urban environment as well the importance of knowing what grace is and having the ability to offer grace to ourselves and each other and to step into pe...

Embodiment, Healing Justice and Liberation with Prentis Hemphill

Jan 15 • 47:27

I'm honoured to have shared in this conversation with Prentis Hemphill and to have listened to the wisdom they bring to embodiment and healing justice work. I trust you will feel both inspired and moved as well. They share about what inspired the creation of the Embodiment Institute and how evolving 'somatic practice' is a key to coming into collective healing and dismantl...

"Theatre Saved My Life" with Kevin T. Hobbs

Dec 16 • 51:29

I just can't express enough gratitude to Kevin T. Hobbs for sharing this conversation with me. I have been left changed, moved and inspired by what he shared and I know you will too. We talk about how his participation in a specific theatre production saved his life and his work in bringing the same healing power to people through the D.O.S.E. Foundation. 
How he went from...

Depth Psychology, Embodiment, Movement, Myth and Alchemy with Mackenzie Amara

Nov 11 • 48:23

In this multi-faceted episode, I am so grateful to speak with fellow Jungian Analyst in training and movement magician, Mackenzie Amara, AKA 'THE INKED SHRINK", about the role that culture plays in our minds and in our lives. We go into our mutual love of the intersection of the soma and psyche and how she always includes elements of analytical psychology, myth, alchemy, a...

Who's Not In the Room: Critical Questions for Disrupting Wellness with Dee de Lara

Oct 22 • 47:15

In this eye-opening episode I talk with a truly inspiring woman, Dee de Lara! We discuss her work with the paradigm shifting movement hub, What Time, co-creating BIPOC-centred online space and disrupting expectations of how and where to find movement.

Places to connect with Dee on Instagram:
Dee de Lara
What Time - Movement Class Hub

A few of things our conversation touched upon:...

Breaking Through Physical and Emotional Patterns - Inspire by Fighting Monkey with Elke Schroeder

Oct 16 • 55:52

In this episode I speak with the luminous Elke Schroeder about her powerful work inspired by Fighting Monkey and how it dove tails with creating a more robust and adaptable nervous system and to bring us into deeper relationship with self and our environment. 


Embodied Race Resilience with Anita Bhardwaj and Raggi Kotak

Oct 10 • 01:09:27

In this enthralling episode, I spoke with Anita Bhardwaj and Raggi Kotak about their work and upcoming six week program, Race Resilience. I was honoured to speak with them about their decades long social justice and somatic healing expertise and the powerful work they do in the UK and beyond. ...

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