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Choir Ninja, with Ryan Guth

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Formerly the Find Your Forte podcast - Step up to the podium with purpose and make the most of your public or private school's choral program with solutions you never saw coming! Join Choir Ninja, Ryan Guth as he brings you weekly interviews with veteran in-the-trenches choral directors on how toRead more

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B.R.E.A.T.H.E, with Ryan Guth

Sep 17 • 21:30

Coda, with Dr. Donald Beebe and Maryann Beebe, Jon & Robbin Rose, and Don Crafton, and Adam Rabung

Apr 20 • 01:06:14

This is the final episode of the Choir Ninja Podcast. As always, the goal is to bring value to you choir directors, so Ryan gives you a chance to get to know the people behind the companies that have supported this show. Listen to their origin stories, their goals, and what motivates them to make the choral world better everyday. Ryan also has a special farewell for Choir ...

Motivation Monday: Feeling Like An Imposter?, with Ryan Guth

Apr 17 • 26:22

Imposter syndrome is real, and it means that you are human and have achieved success. Be thankful that you have these feelings; they mean you are accomplishing something worthwhile. But that doesn’t make it easy to deal with. For this penultimate podcast episode, Ryan returns to one of the post prevalent issues plaguing directors. Name your imposter syndrome, call it out f...

Countdown, with Ryan Guth and Stevie Berryman

Apr 10 • 01:25:49

We begin the Choir Ninja wrap up with a countdown of the stats, names, and episodes that define us. In this antepenultimate episode, Ryan and Stevie look back on the moments and interviews that have stayed with them. Did they mention your favorites?...

Big Wins with Little Singers, with Anna Dore

Apr 4 • 35:48

At the end of this episode, Ryan Guth makes an important announcement about Choir Ninja....

From Failure to Flanders Fields, with Dr. Paul Aitken

Mar 30 • 38:42

November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the end of World War I. It’s an unprecedented milestone of the modern era. Dr. Paul Aitken will observe that anniversary in concert with a performance of his moving and beloved setting of the poem “Flanders Fields,” on location at the Flanders Fields battlefield in Belgium. Dr. Aitken is encouraging choirs around ...

It's Worth It: Directing in Rural Communities, with Dr. Marlen Dee Wilkins

Mar 28 • 52:30

Life’s happy out in the sticks. It’s also hard, inconvenient, and sometimes lonely. But in this episode, Dr. Dee Wilkins talks to Ryan about why it’s worth it. There are real limitations in rural schools: numbers and funding will always be less than you want. But with creativity, heart, and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can still show you students a little bit of choral ...

CN Rewind: You're better than you think you are, with Ryan Guth

Mar 14 • 40:00

This episode first aired in July 2017:...

Imposter Syndrome? You’re Not Alone (or a narcissist), with Stevie Berryman

Mar 9 • 51:05

Imposter Syndrome is a thief; it steals joy from success, and pride from achievement. Feeling like your accolades are undeserved is a common occurrence among artists. Even when you feel secure in your abilities, the fear of looking foolish can keep you from taking the risks that lead to amazing opportunities. Ryan and Stevie discuss how to beat Imposter Syndrome, and the r...

Life Changing Concerts, with Dr. Abby Musgrove

Mar 6 • 54:47

 Yes, your concerts should meet educational standards. Yes, they should also meet your own goals for helping your singers become better musicians. But how about planning concerts so powerful that they change people's’ lives? What if your concerts actually strengthened bonds in your community? Dr. Abby Musgrove from Illinois College talks with Ryan about ways to create conc...

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