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ChinesePod makes learning Mandarin fun and easy! In this Intermediate Level Podcast Feed, explore broader contexts and applications of frequently used expressions needed to navigate comfortably in a Mandarin speaking environment. Deepen your knowledge on current affairs while learning andRead more

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Intermediate | Lesson Brainstorming

Nov 26 • 16:34

Ever desired a glimpse into how the finest and most brilliant minds at ChinesePod come up with award-winning lessons on a stunningly regular basis? Well, loyal listeners, your prayers have been answered! This landmark lesson offers a 100% accurate portrayal of the painstaking process the tireless academics team goes through when brainstorming new lesson topics. Check it ou...

Pre-intermediate | Hamsters, Snakes, And Owls

Nov 24 • 14:21

Upper-intermediate | Romantic Movies And Real Life

Nov 22 • 20:59

We all love a romantic chick-flick every now and then, but for some women it becomes a problem: they expect every man to live up to their Ryan Gosling/ Zhou Yumin/Seth Rogen-sized expectations, and it sometimes grates on their partners. In today's upper-intermediate lesson, learn all about to discuss Cheesy-Movie-Relationship-Damaging Syndrome (OK, we made that up) in Chin...

Intermediate | Stop Speeding!

Nov 19 • 14:00

The Grand Prix held here in Shanghai showcased breakneck speeds, hairline turns and drivers with death wishes…and that was all in the taxi ride to the stadium. So either you’re really good at the unspoken-but-point-taken bracing yourself with one hand on the glove box and the other on the “Oh Crap” handle, you might love a lesson on telling someone they drive erratically. ...

Pre-intermediate | Grammar Lesson

Nov 17 • 18:55

Upper-intermediate | Chinese Commuters

Nov 15 • 17:53

Intermediate | Family Life

Nov 12 • 13:44

Pre-intermediate | Grab Some Veggies From The Store

Nov 10 • 13:48

Upper-intermediate | Shaolin Temple

Nov 8 • 17:48

While many don’t know this (due to the fact that it’s not true), all ChinesePod employees are required to attend a 6-month intensive course at the famous kung fu HQ, Shaolin Temple. So a Mandarin Chinese lesson on it is like the wind through the reeds (insert David Carradine intro music here)…Listen to this podcast to learn all about this ancient Chinese art form and where...

Intermediate | A Promotion

Nov 5 • 15:31

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a good, pro-active, self-motivating individual. So we’ll make you a deal. After listening to this lesson, you tell 10 friends about ChinesePod and we’ll tell your boss all of those aforementioned qualities. In this podcast, learn to talk about promotions and getting a raise in Mandarin Chinese. Who knows, maybe with your new found langua...

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