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Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Emmy Award-winning writer/producer on "Lost" and creator of "The Middleman") and Jose Molina (writer/producer on "Sleepy Hollow," "Firefly," "Castle" and "Law & Order: SVU") share their hard-earned experiences, giving practical, straight-shooting advice on breaking intoRead more

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Children of Tendu: On Writing

Sep 6 • 01:55:44

Remember when we said our previous episode would be our series finale? WE LIED. And we are back to prove it with a super sized episode where we answer YOUR questions about OUR process. How do we write? Why do we write? Where do we write? (and it's not in the bathtub like Dalton Trumbo) All these questions and more! Answered right here! With our usual career-endangering can...


May 6 • 01:55:15

Seven years ago, veteran television writer/producers Jose Molina and Javier Grillo-Marxuach set out to consign all their experience to a podcast and to give it away for free. One Golden Age of television, a pandemic, and several complete disruptions in the industry later, Jose and Javi look to the future and ponder the fate of the Children of Tendu Podcast... and more impo...

The Editorial Of Tendu

Mar 2 • 01:55:15

Most writers have very little idea of what goes on in an edit bay, and how to best manage the collaborative relationship between a TV writer/producer and the show's editor. To remedy this situation, Javi and Jose have brought in one of the most prolific and acclaimed editors working today - Shawn Paper, whose credits include Parks and Rec, Veep, What We Do In The Shadows, ...

The Directorate of Tendu

Dec 9 • 02:01:12

In this super-sized deep-dive, Jose and Javi interview Jeremiah Chechik - director not just of the pilot episode of Javi's show "The Middleman" but also TV shows including "Chuck", "Gossip Girl", "Shadowhunters", "Helix", "The Bronx is Burning", "Burn Notice" - and, oh yeah, a couple of classic feature films including "Benny and Joon" and "Christmas Vacation". ...


Jul 2 • 01:13:44

The Writers Guild is currently engaged in a landmark labor action which has already changed the face of the entertainment industry. In this special episode, Jose and Javi have a lengthy and candid conversation with WGA President David A. Goodman about the how's and why's of the guild's goals and strategy as it seeks to redefine the role of agents and agencies in the busine...

Children of Tendu Live at the Writers Guild - The Fellowship of the Writers Room!

Apr 22 • 01:18:58

The Big Pitch - Part Two

Apr 22 • 38:54

In this the second part and conclusion of "The Big Pitch" Jose and javi discuss what happened after The Big Pitch... what networks heard The Big Pitch, who didn't and why? What was it like in the rooms where they pitched? What sort of feedback did they get? Did anyone buy The Big Pitch? What was it like to develop a role playing game into a potential TV show... and, most i...


Apr 22 • 01:01:42

Most TV writers do not hear a series being pitched until they are the ones doing the pitching. In this brand new episode, the Children of Tendu discuss the process by which they developed a pitch for a TV adaptation of a popular role playing game... and they throw in the entire pitch for free! That's right, rather than just talk about pitching, Jose and Javi rehearsed thei...

Actors of Tendu!

Nov 21 • 01:35:44

In this special episode of the podcast, the Children of Tendu enlist guest stars Natalie Morales - star of Javi's show The Middleman - and Jason O'Mara - who starred in, and worked with Jose on, Terra Nova - to discuss how actors and writers work together, and how this crucial creative relationship can be made better in the fast-paced and ever changing world of television....

Agents of Tendu

Oct 24 • 02:01:45

There is one question. The ETERNAL question. The question that all who want to write in Hollywood ask themselves over and over again....

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