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Welcome back to Checking In! This season, we're tackling reader questions about everything from vaccines to dating advice, and gratitude to pregnancy. Join SELF executive editor, Zahra Barnes, as she speaks with doctors, medical pros, thought leaders, and more special guests, including actorRead more

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Introducing In Vogue: The 2000s

Sep 7 • 01:53

In season 2 of In Vogue: The 2000s, we explore how fashion fused with every aspect of pop culture to become a global entertainment engine ubiquitous in culture--impinging on the global consciousness like never before. From Nicholas Ghesquière awakening the sleeping fashion house of Balenciaga, to Vogue putting the couture into Juicy Couture, and discussing Carrie Bradshaw’...

Bonus: Get Grounded: Tips and Techniques for Staying More Relaxed

Jul 12 • 31:53

In this bonus episode, Dr. Mariel Buquè is back, sitting down with Zahra to talk about how to stay more relaxed throughout our workdays. Dr. Buquè talks about why reducing stress can be such a challenge, offering tips and techniques for staying grounded. She then takes us through a guided mindfulness exercise....

Bonus: Busting Myths About COVID-19 Vaccines and Black and Latinx Communities

Jul 5 • 47:13

In this bonus episode, we’re continuing our coverage of the COVID-19 vaccines. We revisit a panel that Zahra hosted with David Kaufman, digital director at Architectural Digest, about myths and myth-busting around the vaccines and Black and Latinx communities. Along with experts Dr. Leon McDougle, Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe, and registered nurse Sandra Lindsay, they discuss how t...

Becoming Your Own Advocate

May 17 • 33:15

In our last episode of the season, we hear from Victoria, an archivist who was forced to find answers on her own about her endometriosis. Like many others diagnosed with a chronic illness, she’s faced multiple hurdles while navigating the medical system. Even though she’s learned a lot along the way, she wants to know how to continue to advocate for herself to her doctor—a...

The (New) Rules of Dating

May 10 • 28:04

In this episode of Checking In, we hear from Loree, who is unsure about how to navigate dating right now. Online dating could be difficult even before the pandemic. Now, trust is even trickier to establish when it comes to things like vaccination status, caution levels, and boundaries. Not to mention how daunting dating again can be after so much social isolation. To help ...

The Healing Powers of Gratitude and Joy, featuring Kristen Bell

May 3 • 35:21

In this episode of Checking In, we hear from Jenna, a listener who has a question many of us feel deep down during this time: How can we help ourselves feel better when the world is basically a dumpster fire? Sometimes, adding even just one more thing to your to-do list feels insurmountable. Zahra consults Mariel Buqué, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and holistic mental he...

How to Have the Best Birth Experience Possible—Even in a Pandemic

Apr 26 • 35:18

In this episode we hear from Stasia, a pregnant Black woman who wants to know how to prepare for birth and how to advocate for herself along the way. Zahra chats with Kameelah Phillips, M.D., an ob-gyn and women’s health advocate based in NYC. One of her core interests is health care disparities—and how to help prevent them. Zahra also consults with Latham Thomas, a doula ...

How to Actually Start Meditating

Apr 19 • 33:57

In this episode we hear from Nan, a young woman who is trying to figure out if meditation is right for her. Zahra consults with SELF’s health editor, Carolyn Todd, who has reported extensively on what meditation can and can’t do for your health. Then Zahra speaks with a mindfulness meditation teacher, Kriste Peoples, who walks us through what starting a meditation practice...

Let’s Talk About COVID-19 Vaccines!

Apr 12 • 35:42

Welcome to Season 2 of Checking In with our new host, Zahra Barnes, SELF’s interim editor in chief. In this episode, we hear from several listeners with common questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines. Questions like: Where can I get vaccinated? Should I get the vaccine if I have underlying health conditions? What if I’m breastfeeding? How do I manage my anxiety ...

BONUS | The High Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigu‪e‬

Mar 22 • 18:12

While we are getting things ready for Season 2 of Checking In, we wanted to share a bonus episode with you from our friends at The Savvy Psychologist! Dr. Jade Wu takes the science of psychology and makes it both entertaining and relatable – we're excited to be bringing you one of our favorites from their show for our Checking In audience....

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