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Charlie's Toolbox


Charlie's Toolbox is a podcast for women rediscovering themselves after a heartbreak, a traumatic event, or simply wants to change. The moments after a hit to your self-esteem are some of the hardest. You want to feel confident, but you have doubt. You want to move forward, but your fear won't letRead more

Popular episodes

6 Types of Friendships That Can Make or Break You

Oct 22 • 20:43

No one talks about friendships or their dynamics, but friendships are not a one size fit all thing. Some fit a certain role. Some are worth keeping and Some friendships you have to close the door on it. So, how do you figure out which is which? ...

Ep. 28 How to Decenter Men

Oct 13 • 13:46

Charlie discusses how to decenter men in your life. ...

Ep. 27 Low Hanging Fruit and My Last Relationship

Oct 6 • 14:04

In this week, I discuss my past relationship. Every relationship we leave we find out how to strengthen a muscle that was weak or was never there. My last relationship was created for me to learn how to fully and truly honor myself. Listen here to find out what I learned.......

Ep. 26 How To Be Ok With Not Being Liked

Sep 29 • 09:24

In this episode, Charlie discusses how to be yourself and not pay attention to what others think. ...

Ep. 25 Why Compassion is Necessary

Sep 22 • 12:44

In this episode, Charlie discusses the aftermath of a painful event and how compassion can aid in healing. ...

Ep. 24 Four Categories Of Women Who Love Men Too Much

Sep 15 • 10:33

In this episode, Charlie discusses women who love men too much and why they aren't good friends to have. She outlines four categories that you may have interacted with. She discusses what being their friend looks like. She also discusses why they won't be good friends to you. We may love women who love men too much, but those women don't always love you back. ...

Ep. 23 Why We Perform in Relationships (Romantic and Non-Romantic)

Aug 25 • 16:53

Ep. 22 Being Clear About Who You Are

Aug 11 • 21:44

I realized that sometimes, life gets the best of you. Sometimes there are big disruptive events that ruin your light or small mini-events that chip away at you. Sometimes you find yourself waking up in the morning dreading the day.  OR you wake up and replaying all the ways people have hurt you. Sometimes those things cause you to skew your vision of yourself and your futu...

Ep. 21 What Do You Do When You Are Tired Of Dating?

Aug 4 • 11:52

Ep. 20 Sometimes You Don’t Want To!

Jul 28 • 20:54

Pushing yourself to the limit is unhealthy. It does not mean anything to work till you have no energy. There is no beauty nor virtue in it. The only thing that is happening is that your body and mind are getting beat up. To stop that from happening, I've created an episode with handy tips to help you rest. ...

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