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You’ve seen them dance, sing and hang out with the world in videos that have reached billions. Now, here's your opportunity to really discover who Charli & Dixie D'Amelio are as individuals, daughters, sisters, friends and stars. Through in depth conversations with each other and the people closestRead more

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Best of 2 Chix: Sisters, Your DMs & Questions & Squishmallows

Jun 17 • 33:07

This is a best of episode featuring some of our favorite moments from the last year of the 2 Chix Podcast. In this episode, Charli and Dixie take listener questions, discuss the Squishmallow controversy, get vulnerable and talk about some of the hard parts of life and reveal what they miss about living back in Connecticut. At the end of the show, they even share a nice sis...

Charli on The iHeart Awards, Favorite Snacks + New Hair & Makeup!

Jun 3 • 20:55

On this week's podcast Charli is in the hosting chair and talks all about her recent collaborations, what it was like to go to the iHeart Awards and meet HUGE music stars (like Elton John and Megan Thee Stallion), some of her favorite snacks and how she got her bangs fixed via extensions! She also gives us insight into one of her medical issues and shares that she's gettin...

Driving + We Wish We Could Go Home

May 27 • 25:57

This week is a Best Of 2 Chix episode! Get a second listen to a Hyper-Caffeinated Charli as she talks with (and sometimes over) Dixie about the frustrations of her driving lessons and driving on LA roads. Dixie shares her own driving test adventure.  Plus the girls also talk about upcoming make-up and hair changes, and Charli's blossoming friendship with Ellie Zeiler....

Dixie on F Boy, Social Tourist & Finding Her Voice

May 20 • 19:42

On today's episode Dixie is back on the mic! She runs us through her wildly busy schedule and offers insight on why she hasn't posted as much lately. She talks about her new single, F Boy, her clothing line with Charli, Social Tourist and what it's been like to find her voice -both literally and figuratively. She also offers us a little behind the scenes info on what we ca...

I'm 17, My New Secret Project + How Sisters Make Up

May 6 • 22:34

Today Charlie shares all the behind the scenes details of her birthday - including special surprises, gifts she got from her Mom and why she chose to stay off of her phone. She teases an exciting new project that will be dropping shortly, how she chooses what she wants to work on AND shares how her and Dixie made up and collaborated after a recent disagreement. ...

Birthday Wishes, Best Friends, Fight Belts & More

Apr 29 • 20:23

Who Did Noah Choose? And Why?

Apr 22 • 25:47

Dixie has Noah back in studio to grill him about choosing another girl (before Dixie) to start a new Hype House. The two also answer more fan questions, including: Do they get jealous, Does Dixie regret kissing Noah first, what's their least favorite thing about each other and more. Plus they deep dive on how they deal with negative social media posts. Listen and enjoy!...

Doah or Nixie? w Noah Beck

Apr 15 • 20:47

Dixie's BF Noah Beck sits in for Charli and the two discuss the "fake relationship" rumors and whether they could survive doing a podcast together. Dixie also talks about the unnecessary flak she took for decorating Air Force One's and her upcoming appearance on family Feud.  Noah and Dixie also answer a bunch of fan questions, including: first impressions, first kiss, fir...

Text Anxiety & Listener Questions

Apr 8 • 20:12

Dixie tells Alexa how she realized that she's been missing all the old "High School" drama that happens. Then she shares thoughts about her current day "Text Anxiety." Dixie and Alexa also chat about a few Snapchat rumors and answer some listener questions. Finally, Charli and Dixie talk about the first time they drove to school together....

The Dixie Show (with help from Alexa)

Apr 1 • 22:47

Dixie is in the studio alone (at first) to talk about her YouTube show, her new music, the anniversary weekend she spent with Noah and a secret BIG project coming up soon. Then, Alexa joins her to chat about all the exciting stuff going on - including Dixie's self-diagnosis and her need for off-road adventure. Listen and Learn....

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