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580 - The Prisoner (11/29/21)

Nov 30 • 01:14:10
Felix explains Twitter Spaces and his theory of the Swag Samsara. Then Will leads us through two pieces covering the Epstein case, one detailing the jury selection of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial and one attempting to re-examine Jeffrey Epstein’s death and declare it definitively a suicide. Both are...interesting, in what they chose to say about their subjects and how.\


Will Interviews Hugo Soto-Martinez, Candidate for L.A. City Council

Nov 26 • 31:24

578 - Assassination Day feat. Oliver Stone & Aaron Good (11/22/21)

Nov 23 • 01:26:00
On this, the 58th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, we’re joined by Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone to discuss his new documentary “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass”. We then discuss the continuing legacy and search for meaning in the assassination, as well as other ‘deep events’, with Covert Action Magazine’s Aaron Good.

JFK Revisited: Through t...

577 Teaser - QE Faze II

Nov 19 • 05:01

576 - The Wonder Twins (11/15/21)

Nov 16 • 01:23:01
We look at the twin avatars for the future of the Democratic party: Mayor Secretary Pete, through his new documentary “Mayor Pete,” and Kamala Harris, through a new CNN article about how everyone is being very mean and unfair to her. Grim stuff! Fortunately the boys have a surefire solution for who should lead the party into 2024, if the Dems are brave enough to take their...

575 Teaser - Felix's Eternals Review

Nov 12 • 03:24

574 - Bovine University (11/8/21)

Nov 9 • 01:06:19
We spend the top half of the show talking about new satanic panics and everyone in this country suffering from self-inflicted Havana Syndrome. Then some lighter stuff, like Joe Biden shidding and farding on European royalty, and Bari Weiss’s new University of Forbidden Knowledge.

Grab your tickets to our 12/8 show at Asbury Hall in Buffalo:

Hinge Points Episode 1: Social Democratic Party Poopers

Nov 5 • 52:45
Welcome to our new mini-series Hinge Points, a tour of historical “what-ifs.” We’re publishing the first episode free to all. Subsequent episodes will post on Fridays exclusively to subscribers on

Matt and Danny Bessner, from the American Prestige podcast, take you on a tour of the history of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and explore the...

573 Teaser - Behold the Cube

Nov 5 • 04:43

572 - The McGloughstein Group feat. Daniel Bessner (11/1/21)

Nov 2 • 01:17:06
We’re joined by Daniel Bessner, co-host of the American Prestige podcast, for a remarkably focused and thoughtful Will-less episode. We discuss Trump’s recent statement about Israel “owning” congress, Josh Hawley’s thoughts on masculinity, and the Lincoln Project’s bungled attempt at a false-flag operation to make a Republican appear more racist. Then Matt and Danny tell u...

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