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Cells and Pixels podcast is extracted from a weekly talk show on Instagram Live hosted by Koji Pereira, first gen asian-latino immigrant, Head of Design, Lyft Business (ex-Google) in Silicon Valley. The guests are range of professionals, scholars and authors that talk about product, UX, UXRead more

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Bonus: Leading design teams: from seed to scale on CogX2021. With Diego Mendes – Design Manager, Facebook and Jessica Ko – CEO, Playbook. Former employees of Google, Opendoor, Chegg, Pocket, Meebo.

Jun 16 • 36:17

Here's a bonus episode where I talked with the seasoned leaders Diego Mendes and Jessica Ko on CogX2021 Festival 2021. We discussed some of the challenges on hiring your first designers and growing your team:

Should Product Design, Marketing and Branding be in the same team?

Should you hire an unicorn designer?

How to hire diverse talent?

If you're a founder and don't know who...

Doing good by doing great with Daniela Jorge – PayPal, Chief of Design Officer (Ex: Ebay, AT&T, Intuit, Yahoo!)

Jun 7 • 44:15

Daniela is an inspiring Brazilian leader, she led teams of hundreds at PayPal and prior at AT&T, Intuit, Ebay and Yahoo! She designs organizations that are a true reflection of the widely diverse customer base it serves while championing DEI across the enterprise....

The craft of design with Danielle Kawasaki – Product Designer, Kanopy (Ex: Square)

May 11 • 44:34

Another fun, lighthearted chat with good nuggets of positivity and self-care. Check out my conversation with Danielle Kawasaki, we talked about some nitty gritty details on her design process, documentation, designing for different devices and user environment....

Democratizing UXR, Varun Murugesan – Head of Research, Apple & Banana (BestBuy, ex-Facebook)

Apr 12 • 27:33

What a inspiring chat with Varun from Apple and Banana. We talked about his journey from healthcare to UXR, how research can be included in your product development, from small to large organizations and some of his plans for the fruitful research approach book....

Design, facilitation and innovation with Kai Haley – Google, UX Methods and Process (Ex: Yahoo!)

Mar 8 • 37:42

I had so much fun chatting with Kai Haley. We talked about her journey and her incredible work educating Googlers about Design and Sprints. Kai is the go to person at Google if you want to learn the latest and greatest about the methodology, so this chat is must for anybody curious about it....

Bonus: The Future of Design is African with Guidione Machava – Founder, World-Class Designer

Feb 28 • 27:45

A conversation with Guidione Machava about the World-Class Designer organized in Moçambique, Africa. Guidione shared about his plans to make Africa the future of Design. 

He talked about his story and how inspired by podcasts, he decided to organized a conference with people 3 other friends to decolonize design, and make it more inclusive....

A Conversation with Lyft's Product Design+ Team – Len Yeh, Julie Celia, Dario Fidanza, Akhil Dakinedi

Feb 17 • 52:44
Here's the video of my crazy fun convo with 4 amazing professionals at Lyft: Len Yeh, Julie Celia, Dario Fidanza and Akhil Dakinedi.

How cool it was to learn more about Diversity, Safety, Bikes and Scooters, Unumute (our internal conference), Design Ops and more from these ones!


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Design tools with Noah Levin – Director of Design, Figma

Nov 2 • 38:29
This was the final episode of the year! Yes, and I talked with Noah Levin, the Director of Design at Figma, yes! The tool that all of us love so much. Before Figma, Noah led teams at ClassPass in NYC, and the iOS Search team at Google in Mountain View. He also spent some time teaching designers how to code as an advisor at Framer, and building a digital assistant for Astro...

Speaking Machine and Humanism with John Maeda – Author & SVP, Everbridge (Ex: RISD, MIT Media Lab, Sonos, Ebay)

Oct 27 • 45:19
I am assuming you all know John Maeda for his many influential books on Design and Technology. From Laws of Simplicity, his classic book to How to Speak Machine, John Maeda adds humanism to technology. And our conversation was fantastic!


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Send in a voice message: https://a...

The evolution of UX with Jesse James Garrett – Author, The Elements of UX (Founder of Adaptive Path, Ajax inventor, Ex: Capital One)

Oct 17 • 46:56

I feel like this is another dream coming true. I talked with Jesse James Garrett, one of my favorite UX authors; he wrote in 2002: The Elements of User Experience. We talked about his history, from a writer to one of the founders of UX, his consultancy Adaptive Path and the acquisition by Capital One. We also found some time to chat about post-rock and his recent work as a...

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