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This is the Caught Off Guard podcast hosted by me, Patricia Bright. On this podcast no topic is off limits and I ask the questions we all really want to know the answers to! We delve into everything from relationships and failures, to money, success and everything in between! I hope that eachRead more

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Alex Stedman: The fashion intern who used her annual leave to...WORK!

Dec 2 • 55:24

In this episode we are speaking to blogger and budgeting boss, Alex Stedman, aka The Frugality. Alex shares her story on how she worked 3 jobs in her early career to get the experience and connections to make her career dream a reality. Alex turned a topic that wan't really spoken about and turned it into a successful blog and we dig deep to find out exactly how she did it...

Akash Mehta: He was in Forbes 30 under 30 and didn't even realise!

Nov 25 • 47:40

If anyone is a living example of "actions speak louder than words" it would be Akash. You may not have heard of Akash but trust us, you will be left obsessed after this episode. Ex-Global Digital Manager to some of the world's leading luxury brands and now co-founder and CEO of Fable and Mane, Akash truly is a force to be reckoned with. Akash opens up about his learnings f...

Haley Sacks: The US's answer to "Making money fun again"

Nov 18 • 47:00

Ever wondered what life would be like if you lived unapologetically true yourself and what you love? Well, we have the answer and her name is Haley Sacks aka Mrs Dow Jones. Haley joins us to discuss how her comedy career evolved into becoming the pop princess of the finance world. We discuss everything from why you need to know what compound interest is to what Haley's pla...

Freddie Harrel: The woman who shows that never settling will always work in your favour

Nov 11 • 01:06:49

In this episode Freddie Harrel, CEO of conscious beauty brand RadSwan speaks candidly about the multiple career hats she has worn and how they all lead her to her successful career today. Freddie shares with us how she thinks "faking it till you make it" is a vital part of anyones success journey and how she is always up for trying something new, even if it doesn't work in...

Grace Beverley: The IG newbie who made £80k in less than a month from a PDF guide

Nov 4 • 59:56

In this episode we are doing a deep dive on the founder and CEO of TALA and Shreddy, Grace Beverley. Grace opens up to Patricia on the truth behind her success and how "fight or flight mode" helped her make her first £100k. Grace's determination to shake up the fitness industry is clear as she has a transparent conversation about the reasons behind he brand and her plans f...

Conna Walker: From a failed brand to a multi-million dollar business

Oct 28 • 53:59

In this episode we are picking the brains of CEO of House of CB and absolute boss, Conna Walker. Conna shares the highs and lows of starting her businesses and what she learned from leading a failed brand. Be prepared to be inspired and to have a few "Well if she can do that, what stopping me?" moments! Host: @PatriciaBright IG: @thebreaksocial #CaughtOffGuardPod. Guest: @...

Caught Off Guard Season 2 Trailer

Oct 26 • 07:06

Launching Oct 28th, Caught Off Guard is back for another season! This is the podcast where no topic is off limits and where I ask all the questions we really want to know the answers to, including what's in your wallet?! If you listened to season 1, you can expect even more raw honest life experiences, candid convo and priceless gems of wisdom (and if you haven't listened ...

A message from Patricia

Oct 20 • 01:11

Kamille: Rihanna can open your DMs

Jan 8 • 01:11:36

If anyone is a living-breathing example of hustling in silence, today’s guest is exactly that! We catch up with singer/songwriter Kamille, who has written some of your favourite number 1 songs for some of your favourite artists, without really being in the limelight herself. Kamille’s hustle is a hustle we can all learn from as she shares her emotional rollercoaster journe...

Donna Mihaylova-Johnson: Women are powerful

Dec 26 • 01:22:40

In today’s episode we speak to Donna Mihaylova-Johnson, founder of the trending, well-known nail salon franchise, Nail’d It! Even If you don’t know who she is, you’re likely to have seen her impressive brand online and here we find out just how she’s done it. Donna doesn’t hold back with her opinions and lifts the lid on her entrepreneurial journey whilst giving us a glimp...

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