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Caught Between Generations


More than 40 percent of people in their 40s and 50s have at least one living parent, and a child under the age of 21 for whom they are providing care and assistance. Most likely there is also a job, a house to run, groceries to buy and meals to get on the table. How can you cope with the massiveRead more

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Encore: The Courage to be Extraordinary

Dec 27 • 56:10
Do you worry about your autistic child growing up? Are you a woman living with shame because of your ADD?

Susan Senator, author of “Autism Adulthood” admits that while adult life on the spectrum is complicated, it can be manageable, even fulfilling. She offers tips to help adults with autism live happily and independently.

Linda Roggli, author of “Confessions of an ADDiva”...

Encore: When Words Hurt: Recovering from the Trauma of Control and Abuse

Dec 21 • 56:21
'No one else will ever want you.'

'You’re stupid, you will never amount to anything.'

'You're too sensitive.'

The phrases above all have one thing in common: they are signs of verbal abuse – and they are all meant to intimidate and control.

This week’s show will help listeners recognize emotional abuse and learn how to 'break the cycle of abuse' and begin the process of he...

A Gift from the Heart: The Gentle Art of Caring for a Loved One

Dec 14 • 56:51
Being a caregiver to a loved one is a difficult task. Whether you become a full-time caregiver gradually or suddenly find yourself in that role, chances are that at some point you feel overwhelmed, under-prepared, and unequipped to handle situations that can and do arise. Many emotions surface when you are caring for a loved one day in and day out. While some of these emot...

Grandparents to the Rescue: Raising a Second Generation of Children

Dec 7 • 55:13
Grandfamilies are families in which children reside with and are being raised by their grandparents in the absence of one or both parents. What happens when families find themselves in this situation? How does raising a second generation of children affect the health and well-being of the grandparents?

Dr. Joseph Crumbley and Jaia Lent are Dr. Merle’s guests for this timel...

The Secrets to Better, More Restful Sleep

Nov 30 • 49:39
Do you lie in bed at night, unable to fall asleep? Or do you fall asleep easily, only to wake up at 3am, wide awake? Are you tired and cranky, lacking energy?

For some people, sleep comes easy. They lay their head down and are out like a light all night. For others, however, bedtime means a frustrating night of tossing and turning, only to steal an hour or two of unrefresh...

Encore: When You Need a New Parenting Perspective

Nov 23 • 56:19

Outperforming the Past: The Journey to Overcoming Childhood Adversity

Nov 16 • 55:26
Nearly 75% of us experience some sort of adversity - bullying, loss of a parent, domestic violence, abuse, etc., by the age of 20. Do you know someone who has overcome childhood adversity to achieve success as an adult? We are often amazed when someone beats the odds and rises above their early hardship, but do we know what it took and how they feel about their success?


Today It's About ME: Standing Up to Narcissistic Behavior

Nov 9 • 55:26
Do you know someone who only thinks of themselves and their own needs? Do you find yourself sidestepping issues that are important to you in order to avoid confrontation with the narcissist in your life? Is there any way to turn these behaviors around?

Most of us know someone who is a narcissist. Whether they are a family member or friend, boss or coworker, spouse or signi...

Disconnected: The Heartbreak of Family Estrangement

Nov 2 • 54:35
Are you a parent whose child has cut off contact with you? Are you unable to see or speak to your grandchildren? How does this estrangement affect the rest of your family?

Unfortunately, many families struggle with estrangements, with either the child or the parent cutting off contact. Dr. Joshua Coleman believes that parental estrangement is a “silent epidemic,” because ...

The What Ifs: Learning to Silence the Voice of Anxiety

Oct 26 • 54:54
A little anxiety can be a good thing. It sharpens our senses and prepares us to take on challenges. But what happens when anxiety becomes overwhelming and begins to take over our lives? How can we learn to manage and eventually overcome anxiety?

For children and adults with anxiety who act solely based on nervous feelings, the world can become very small. Our desperate att...

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