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Welcome to the #1 podcast for engaging, evidence-based, thought-provoking health, wellness & performance insights for health & wellness coaches and others looking to improve their lives. Catalyst is the evidence-based journey toward better! If you've been looking for a health & wellness podcastRead more

Popular episodes

Covid Vaccine: The Latest Evidence (Michelle Barron, MD and Professor of Medicine - Episode # 195)

Nov 29 • 51:14

As of this recording, almost precisely 2/3rds of the eligible US population has had at least 1 dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This interview with Dr. Michelle Barron, the Senior Medical Director and Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) of UC Health, will address all the questions you submitted to us. If you still have questions about the vaccine and are looking for c...

Work Less, Accomplish More: Dr. Alex Pang (Episode #194)

Nov 22 • 42:51

What if you could work less but get more done? Seriously – less hours – better results. I don’t know about you – but I’m all in – and when today’s guest agreed to join us to share his insights on this topic, I could hardly wait to tap his brain....

Creatine: Your Questions Answered! (Wendi Irlbeck - Episode #193 Hidden Gem)

Nov 15 • 43:53

Creatine – it’s the go-to supplement for professional and college athletes or muscleheads pumping iron in the gym, right? Yes – that was the thought back in the 1990s. However, as we approach 2022, the evidence clearly shows there are benefits for ALL of us relative to brain health, sarcopenia, balance and more....

Optimizing Sleep with Physician and Best-Selling Author Dr. Chris Winter (Episode #192)

Nov 8 • 59:57

Do you believe in magic? I do – the magic of a good sleep. While much of my PhD work looked at the influence of sleep on performance, I continue to be stunned by the difference a solid night of sleep can make. It’s truly incredible – but as we’ll learn today, it might not require magic to optimize our sleep. Our guest is Dr. Chris Winter, Sleep medicine specialist, neurolo...

Imposter Syndrome Answers with Dr. Orbe-Austin (Episode #191)

Nov 1 • 37:02

As we approach our 200th episode of this podcast, it’s still not unusual for me to think “do the listeners know how often I question my role as the host? Yes – we’re getting a lot of downloads now, but surely at some point they’re going to say ‘why am I listening to Brad? What makes him special?’ You get the idea. In spite of having 4 college degrees, being CEO of a compan...

Do Wellness Programs Work?? Dr. Ron Goetzel Answers the Tough Questions (Episode #190)

Oct 25 • 40:13

Do health & wellness programs work? What is the connection between health & productivity? Is there a way to objectively demonstrate the answer to these and other, related questions?...

Unscripted, Authentic, Live Coaching Session with NBC-HWC Board Certified Coach (Hidden Gem - #189)

Oct 18 • 28:02

What would it be like to be a fly on the wall for a real, live coaching session with a nationally board certified health & wellness coach? This hidden gem episode with NBC-HWC Tami Duncan and NBC-HWC Susan McGarry won't be hidden for long, as it is one of your all-time favorites for good reason. So insightful to hear a live coaching session taking place (and the way in whi...

Run Well: Physician and Author Dr. Juliet McGrattan Answers the Tough Questions! (Episode #188)

Oct 11 • 46:33

What if you could sit down with a physician and best-selling author who specialized in all of the health and wellness aspects of running and ask any question you'd like? Well, we don't literally take audience questions for this one, but Dr. Juliet McGrattan was willing to take on every single question we threw her way. You'll love her insights and appreciate the value she ...

Bringing Performance Enhancement to Life! (Hugh Gilmore - Episode #187)

Oct 4 • 48:45

What does it take to enhance performance with athletes, employee team members, teenagers, coaching clients or in your own life? This week's guest, Hugh Gilmore brings the answer to life, sharing how Motivational Interviewing and other scientifically-derived knowledge can help take us and others to another level.

You can connect with Hugh in various ways here: https://linktr...

Revitalize! Living a Life of Energy & Purpose (Dr. Raquel Garzon - Episode #186)

Sep 27 • 58:27

Revitalize – the word means to imbue with new life and vitality. Is there any more important area to emphasize than that right now? But how do we tap into it? How do we help others in this area? What are the practical steps involved in making it a reality?...

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