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Casually Baked, the potcast: Discover hemp and cannabis 420 style

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Welcome to home base for the canna curious! Join Jo, your host and cannabis lifestyle guide, on Casually Baked, the potcast for a journey through the evolution of cannabis culture. Discover how and why people like you are adopting a cannabis for wellness lifestyle. Explore the highly responsibleRead more

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Potcast 213: Succeeding in the Cannabis Industry

Nov 22 • 01:08:48

I’m back with another candid conversation with a woman mixing things up in the cannabis industry. If you want to usher in change and have your voice heard, you need to be sitting at the table where those plans are being made and the deals are getting done. And here to inspire us is Marie Montmarquet, co-founder of MD Numbers, Inc., a 100% black-owned family of vertically i...

Potcast 212: Female Cannabis Consumers and the Woman Behind Wana

Nov 17 • 51:43

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, please rate and review Casually Baked, the potcast wherever you listen. That one small action helps other canna-curious folks find highly responsible discussions like this one with Nancy about her journey bootstrapping a wildly successful cannabis business and the importance of intentionally carving out your lane. We also examine...

Potcast 211: CBD for Wellness and Medicinal Benefits

Nov 9 • 54:40

Curious how to optimally use CBD for wellness and medicinal benefits? We're talking with pharmacists Jeffrey D. Dunn, Pharm.D., M.B.A., and Doug Burgoyne, Pharm.D., FAMCP, who co-founded a premium CBD health & wellness products company called Farmer and Chemist. We discuss CBD dosing and delivery, and things to know before choosing CBD as a tool in your "medicine kit." We ...

Potcast 210: Vets, Pets, and Cannabinoid Products

Nov 2 • 47:45

If your pet is itchy, anxious, and struggling with sleep or mobility issues, this potcast is for you. It’s also for anyone curious about using CBD and other cannabinoids for their pets’ issues. Maybe you’re nervous about choosing the right product or don’t understand dosing or you lack the language to speak about it with your vet. We’re exploring the relationship between v...

Potcast 209: Behind the Scenes at Harvest

Oct 26 • 21:17

It’s way more fun to be a cannabis consumer who understands what happens behind the scenes to produce that delicious sun-grown flower we purchase in the dispensary. That’s why I’m sharing a few more harvest stories this week from second and third-generation cannabis farmers. And in the Sustainability Roll-Up sponsored by OCB rolling papers, we’re exploring environmentally ...

Potcast 208: Cannabis Farming Family

Oct 19 • 51:22

If you’re looking for cannabis parenting inspiration, this potcast is for you. It’s also for everyone waking up to the importance of soil health and nurturing our relationship with nature. So smoke ‘em if you got and settle in for this chat on mixing family, community, and nature to find your alpenglow. Don't miss the regenerative farming show and tell with Alpenglow Farms...

Potcast 207: Tales of Cannabis Harvest

Oct 12 • 22:28

In honor of cannabis harvest, I dug up these classic tales featuring three voices from Briceland Forest Farm, a small, second-generation family farmstead, cannabis and market farm in Humboldt County run by husband and wife duo Daniel and Taylor Stein. Learn if you’re WWOOFer material in this week’s Sustainability Roll-Up by OCB rolling papers. Great pictures and resources ...

Potcast 206: Cannabis Misinformation and Seeking Truth

Oct 5 • 01:09:34

Cannabis prohibition did a real number on both Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers like me. And though we’re nearing the end of cannabis prohibition, the journey to ending cannabis misinformation is far from over. Elana Goldberg, CEO of The Cannigma, and I discuss history, cannabis research, and a new cannabis classification system. We explore the power of story, the importance of ...

Potcast 205: Surviving the American Healthcare System

Sep 28 • 01:13:54

We’re getting the inside scoop on surviving the American Healthcare System from David Wilcox, a doctorate-prepared nurse with decades of experience. From going to the hospital to handling insurance companies to finding lower-cost alternatives for medications to discovering new models of patient-centric care and talking to your doctor about cannabis. Discover his recently p...

Potcast 204: Unpacking the Cannabis Shopping Experience

Sep 21 • 56:23

Turns out, it’s not hard to end up in an unlicensed dispensary buying product that hasn’t been heavily regulated like legal cannabis products. So, I thought it’d be fun to unpack the cannabis shopping experience and arm you with some basics tools to choose products you can feel confident buying and consuming. In the Sustainability Roll-Up by OCB rolling papers, we explore ...

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