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Cassie Stephens


I've taught art for the last 20 something years, y'all. I've learned a lot about art teacherin', art makin' and finding a happy balance between the two. I'm here to share my ups, downs and what works best for me and my awesome artists.

Popular episodes

(Re)Discovering Your Passion and Finding Your 'Thing'

Jul 12 • 26:22

How to Tackle Your BIGGEST Goal!

Jun 14 • 33:14

Do You have to Suffer to Succeed?

Jun 7 • 26:18

Best Supplies for Sewing, Embroidery and Weaving!

Mar 28 • 51:10

So I got a C (for "Cassie"!) in textiles in college. During my first year teaching, when 'weaving' was apart of the curriculum, I panicked. That was 23 years ago...since then I've learned to love all things textiles myself. It's become one of my favorite things to teach! In this longwinded podcast, I'll be sharing with you all of my very favorite supplies for sewing, embro...

Are You An Art Teacherin' Workaholic?

Mar 23 • 25:39

5 Things I've Changed My Mind About as an Art Teacher

Mar 15 • 29:03

How to Deal with Art Teacherin' Exhaustion

Mar 1 • 39:28

I dunno about you all but I. AM. BEAT. BUT I'm trying my hardest to work my way through this exhaustion with my Top 8 Tips to combat this fatigue and make the most of our art teacherin' lives. ...

Dealing with Bullies, Part 2

Feb 17 • 28:14

I was recently asked about this...and even tho I've spoken about dealing with bullies in Episode 35...I am coming to this topic from a different perspective this time. It may help to listen to both episodes. In Episode 35, I speak a lot about my experiences. In this one, let's focus on how to deal because it may be more about changing your perspective or, as I call the, yo...

How I Became a Magical Time Bender

Feb 8 • 30:23

My 25 Year Struggle with Disordered Eating

Feb 3 • 29:28

This podcast episode has been on my mind since I started my podcast. But, honestly, I wasn't comfortable talking about it for many reasons...which I talk about here. If you suffer from disordered eating, know that this episode may trigger you...although I am very careful not to get into details of my specific eating disorder as that's private...and triggering for some, I k...

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